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    For anyone wanting an outer cv joint for an almera gti...

    Just got these for the P10... cheap as chips If you clever you buy these and swap the outer cv casing for your almera gti ones, and use the new internals balls etc... oh but wait most on here aren't...
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    Autech Pulsar GTi

    Thanks for that 3'' FTW ... when you say Daily... I assume driving to work? ... no compromise beast with 2nd shitbox daily ftw (Cough 3'' in progress ;) )
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    Autech Pulsar GTi

    No 3'' ? Made good power on my uncammed GTi... so with yours?...
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    MrMarch's N15 GTi

    I just happen to have one sat around doing nothing ;) Had to buy my own as arch enemy didn't want to do one trip out to Hampshire wanted me to do his job for him and get at least 5 people before he would do mine!
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    Rear Toe

    When you lower the beam it shifts to the left abit, wont notice it so much a low speeds but higher speeds sentra guys describe it as crabing sometimes feels pooey
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    Nialls Vzr N1

    I've got a FRP mint bonnet if you wants something ricer!
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    Nialls Vzr N1

    How do you guys with aftermarket steering wheels pass your mot's?
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    Joysams Almera N15 GTi 24h Endurance Edition

    At least its confirmed now ;)
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    Joysams Almera N15 GTi 24h Endurance Edition

    Elongate the front shock holes at the bottom of the strut, that way your not chopping holes in the strut tower. Not as much as camber potential as topmount adjustment, but with meister coilovers bottom fully in or out is about 1 degree camber adjustment to play with when lowered.
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    Mo's Trop Green GTi

    Looks good, not sure on the tshirt though :P
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    New N15 GTi owner

    Welcome pics? :)
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    Sams VZ-R N1

    Is this ever going to be full N1 bodykitted? if not GTi spoiler at least please :)
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    Sams VZ-R N1

    I like the washer bottle, direct fit?
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    Rob-Gti's Black Autech Pulsar

    Seeing threads like this brings a tear to my eye that im selling up, nice seeing the high end of almera ownership rather than bogo 1.4 rust bucket threads what the car club needs more aspirational builds How long you had it? did your import it yourself? how long in the uk previous club owners?
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    th3k3ymast3r's GTiR

    Then his gearbox/clutch setup would go to waste, id buy up engine parts slowly for SR20DET low comp rebuild and use time to find out a engine builder that is trustworthy
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