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    Almera 53 plate OBD2? software help?????

    Obd 2 16pin mate just have a look for the software on eBay but when my daughters 1.5 sx had a abs problem I got it plug in with mates snap on reader
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    hunting and sucking

    I tryed this on my daughter s 1.5 almera took a couple times but it worked
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    hunting and sucking

    It sounds to me is that idle control valve needs resetting or air flow meter is faulty
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    hi all fitted some nice new coilovers on my car this weekend but the rear mounts i have a problem with they were too deep for the new strut so had to cut the rubber down on them but for some reason now its creaking on the back when i'm driving lol anybody have any ideas what is to be or way to...
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    So who has the lowest mileage almera ? Mine as got 62k 1.8
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    Come on then what you got my mates n15 Sri has done 168k can any one top that ?
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    Who has the highest mileage almera on here ?
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    Advice on replacing Gearbox N15 GTI

    buy a case or two of beer. That's always great advice lol
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    anyone from the club going ?

    I was hoping to promote the club in the south west as there is not many members and meets down around this way
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    anyone from the club going ?

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    UK Newbie from Plymouth

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    what injectors shall i get for my gq18 engine

    if i buy some new bigger injectors for my car what would you recommend ? & would i need to have the ecu played with or can i just put new injectors as i don't want any engine warning light on
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    will there rub

    Cheers mate ;)
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    will there rub

    Hi all I've been given 4 new tryes but they are bigger then the ones I have on there already 195/55/16 but the new ones are 205/60/16 will there rub dose anyone know ?
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    Hello fellow almera owner's just bought a diesel

    That's what I get going to work and back 32 mile round trip if I put my foot down then it go's down to around 38 mpg but half the time its busy so I get any where from 40 to 45 mpg depends on how many red lights I get lol
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