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    Really Struggling for Rear Axle control arm N16 1.5... Help

    Correct part number is probably 55130-BM400 if that helps. I checked Amayama (they sell OEM Nissan stuff) but they only list the bushings for the lateral link. I guess a donor car is the next best option if scrapyards don't have it.
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    N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

    There must be multiple variants of the Hitachi unit in that case. Is it missing spark or fuel when it doesn't start?
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    N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

    That's odd. Perhaps Nissan had supply issues with the regular style distributor at some point and a replacement was used from a different supplier. In any case, seems that there are multiple distributor styles used under the 22100-2N300 part number, but Nissan only listed spares for the...
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    N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

    I was thinking the same, but aren't these for the older style Phase 1 distributor?
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    N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

    The fitment issues with aftermarket parts are one of the reasons I recommend original Nissan stuff for ignition parts on these cars. That part number should be correct, checked from two sources. Online parts stores often have wrong info regarding part fitment. This is a bit off-topic but a...
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    N15 phase 2 distributor cap!! Help me!!

    22100-2N300 is the part number for the whole distributor. 22162-78C00 is the part number for the cap only, I guess if the cap is worn then you'd be best off replacing the rotor too. Part number for that is 22157-72B00. I recommend genuine OEM parts for any ignition system stuff on 90s...
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    Stani's SR20 Micra Build

    Wow, the rear axle looks great! Actually the whole car looks nice and fresh. ;)
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    Stani's SR20 Micra Build

    Admirable persistence and congrats on getting the build roadworthy!
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    Service Manuals N16 Phase 1/Phase 2

    Can't see the pictures.
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    Just to say hi, I'm a newbie. Is my Almera a vvt or not???.

    The later models (facelift with dark single-piece headlights) have the VVT. Power wise the VVT models also have 72kW instead of 60-something kW iirc. EDIT: And well, the best visual sign is that the VVT models have a "beer can" on the intake sprocket instead of just a plain sprocket.
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    Asaptive lights priblwm

    So the height adjustment does not work? Most probably seized or broken adjustment motor in the headlight. Have someone turn the height adjustment knob and try listening if there's any sounds at the stuck headlight. If there's noise but no movement, most likely stripped gears or broken...
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    P0171 running lean

    Hi Gonzo, Could be a MAF problem: You did change the sensors, but if the MAF is ok, have a look at this thread:
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    New Almera Tino owner

    Some 1.8 engines suffered from having a warped cylinder (number 4) due to overtorquing certain bolts during the assembly process. Check your spark plugs, if number four looks worse than the rest then it's that. I have seen some 1.8s with jammed piston oil control rings as well. If the...
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    Subframe gti

    To clarify where I got the info; The smaller engines have a different part number (544010M010) for the subframe. I'm not too sure what the differences are.
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    Subframe gti

    The N15 front subframe is the same regardless of engine. EDIT: Actually, no, sorry. I looked too quickly. You can use the subframe from a N14 Sunny, they have the same part number as the GTi Almera.
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