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    Heavy steering (N16 dCi 136bhp)

    I think I might have solved it with some 3 in 1 oil on the U shaped fittings and other metal bits. :cool:
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    Heavy steering (N16 dCi 136bhp)

    Well I have had my dCi for nearly 8 years now and I still struggle with the steering. I had the track rod ends replaced a year ago and I have over-inflated the fronts (slightly) but to no avail. Even new tyres seem to make little difference. Is this just a characteristic of this spec or is...
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    Steering ratio

    I've had my dCi 136 for over 7 years now and I still struggle with the steering on it. Not just the turning circle but the steering feels extremely heavy. Not great for a small family hatchback. I now rent a council garage and I find it awkward getting the car in and out of the garage. Not much...
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    Hello, Not sure if this is the right thread to do this but I thought I should give an update. I have owned my 2.2 dCi for nearly 5 and a half years now. Last summer I decided to raid my savings and get the turbo replaced as it was startling pedestrians with it's annoying whistling sound. It...
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    Noob with a DCI question

    The whistling noise is like exactly the same problem I have had with mine for the past few years. CBA to get it looked at in that time. It's a bit embarrassing when pedestrians turn round and look at you. :oops: The engine is obviously a Renault contribution to the alliance, rather than a...
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    N16 Buyer's Guide / Things to look for 2.2 DCi

    Had this problem for a long time now and I really ought to get it sorted. Even pedestrians are turning around and looking at me. :oops: Either that or it's the rock music from the CD player. I don't like the attention!
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    I've seen a few baser spec Almerasin this colour (eg: 1.5 S) but not a top spec one.
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    Apologies for my lack of postings on this forum for the last 8 months. I have quite a few forum related plates to spin! Now up to 84,300 miles in my 'Almera of Doom' I didn't mention previously that my sister also owns an N16 Almera. Hers is an 03 reg 1.5 'Flare' in metallic gold with less...
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    UK Newbie from Plymouth

    Welcome! Tempted to do the same on mine!
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    Many thanks! :) Thanks Spook. He's one of the Simpsons characters that always makes me grin. I've never owned a Supernintendo, however.
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    Just a post to say hello. I thought I joined this forum about 2 or 3 years ago but I was probably confusing it with the Nissan one (?) Anyhoo, my name's Matt and I drive this N16 shape Almera 2.2 dCi SXE: Nissan Almera of Doom by ProgRocker77, on Flickr 2003 Nissan Almera "sport" by...
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