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    N16 Air conditioning problem.

    Have changed the oil and replaced the cabin filter. Still just warm air blowing. I can hear and see the pulley engage, revs drop, there's an initial puff of cold air then it just goes to warm. I've gotta say, I've worked on a lot of cars and this is the first forum where 40 odd people read your...
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    N16 Air conditioning problem.

    Hiya. My wife recently inherited this car so I've been trying to get it back up to scratch. Next issue is the Aircon. Have filled it with gas and checked for leaks, it's holding the gas fine. Now the pulley is engaging too. However, the cooling effect is absolutely minor. It's definitely...
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    Stereo wiring

    Ah finally, this one looks like it will fit my cable connector. I have two questions; do I have to earth that black cable to something? And what about the other large connector going into the CD player? What do I do with that? /edit, Nevermind, worked it out. Thanks for showing me where to get...
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