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    G's Vzr N1

    All good thanks, thought I'd have a look round for nostalgia's sake.
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    G's Vzr N1

    Looking good matey!
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    1/4 mile times

    That would be Hodge of bog standard reputation.
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    My new baby at its first show- still a work in progress tho

    Looking good mate, you do have a thing for orange tho! ;)
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    If you click on 'show all smilies' in the smilies tab you'll find there already is a large choice.
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    2 black GTi's T*HWL and V*LHD

    Could well have been my old one as I sold it to a guy in London. What were the numbers?
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    dump valve (tried to post this in the n16 tunnig section but it woudnt let me)

    Actually you can quite easily fit a dump valve to a TDi and make it work. The more pressing issue would be that it's pointless. It would have no effect on performance and would just sound daft.
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    I'm done here.

    Congratulations you have shown yourself to be a bit of a tit. Hence with this thread and the pm you sent me you are now banned. To Raceworx. The thread in question was closed as it was going nowhere and was as I put pretty pointless. The fact that other threads may not have been moderated...
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    Reduced Fat Performance Chips

    Well thank you for confirming how pointless this thread is :roll:
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    Reduced Fat Performance Chips

    and the point of this thread is??...
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    Vtec Junkies

    Has to be two of the dumbest posts I've ever read on here. Back to the playground boys, your dads bigger and harder than everyone elses!
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    If you could have one car right now....

    Fair play, if satan had a car that would be it!
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    GTRing an almera

    So all in all a completely pointless thread and posted in the wrong place. Closed.
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    I'm back!

    People just don't respect their cars in the same way that someone does who's spent hours upon hours working on it.
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    I'm back!

    Wotcha mate, long time no see!
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