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  1. Darchitect

    Black Phase 1 kitted N16 Camberley

    Lowered, big alloys, coming off the M3 on to the A331 dual carriageway heading towards Camberley this afternoon around 3pm. Doesn’t have a boostcut, but does look like he just got out of the barber shop. Any takers?
  2. Darchitect

    Darchitect's SR20VE N1

    10 Years after I joined AOC and 11 Years after I bought this car, I think it’s time to start my own ride thread. I was going to wait until I finished it but it’s taken over a decade to get this far and I don’t think I’ll ever stop modifying it so what the heck! This car was a gift from my dad...
  3. Darchitect

    Forum Header

    Maybe our header does need a facelift but surely the xenforo logo is a little 2010?
  4. Darchitect

    N16 Phase 1 Sport M4 London bound

    Between Norwood Green and Boston Manor
  5. Darchitect

    The Darchitect Returns

    Hello All, Don't think I've ever been through the formalities of a Newbie 'Hi' so "Hi Everybody"! May as well as it says I'm a new member lol. I also don't think I've bothered with a Members Ride page, or even a conclusive write up on my build. To top it off, apparently I was last seen here...
  6. Darchitect

    Mapper Database

    Right I'll update this first post as and when the information arrives. Could people state who they've got their ECU installed/mapped so that others like me can see who knows what they're doing and weigh the difference of price over results. At the moment for every 2 good recommendations I've...
  7. Darchitect

    curtis in Total Nissan Magazine

    Well done bud... How did you end up in there?
  8. Darchitect

    Black Phase 2 GTi Reg Number *** STU

    Private plate kitted Black Phase 2 GTi, lowered on 17”s/18”s waiting by the traffic light by this roundabout below in Camberley this morning...
  9. Darchitect

    Modified Pink Almera

    Somebody might like it...
  10. Darchitect

    Gorgeous Almera in the Ukrain

    And you were expecting?...
  11. Darchitect

    Black Phase 2 Gti: Woking 8.15pm to 8.30pm'ish

    Lowered on 17"/18"s S*** FBY seen driving through Sythwood avenue with three maybe four people in the car.
  12. Darchitect

    Car Judder under acceleration?

    Just recently had my drive shafts changed (cheers Stufagti) so I'm thiking it couldn't be them going but lately my car's been juddering when I accelerate. 1) It happens in any gear 2) It doesn't matter how fast or slow I accelerate 3) I don't think it's the clutch as it doesn't slip 4)...
  13. Darchitect

    Auna CD300-4BX 12" Compact Subwoofer 600W

    I've been trying to salvage some boot space and was wondering if anyone has any experience of compact subwoofers? I'm thinking of getting one of these. I'm not after all out power, just some space.
  14. Darchitect

    Hamster Rears an Almera

    Alright which one of us proved that Almera breaks are better than a BMW 4.8ltr Morgan AeroMax!? Our cars are probably worth the grill on this ugly pile of crap but nonetheless, it's adding to the thumbs up on the Top Gear team. Firstly Clarkson give us a good review, secondly Richard Hammond...
  15. Darchitect

    edk: Shepherds Bush, London. The Boost Cut

    In the local barber shop ha ha :P Sorry but I pass this place on my walk to work.
  16. Darchitect

    Hall-e your Wall-e

    What happened to my ALC Labour thread mate? th3k3ymast3r said don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on the brapp brapp? Who's that? shaggy_master or the man in the mirror? Shagster, everytime you're too lazy to post Hall-e...
  17. Darchitect

    Anyone for Pizza? I guess this place will never be great for a meet.

    Next time you're in Pizza Hut, beware of the cash machines. Jun 2009 11:43:12:140
  18. Darchitect

    This is a new low for any Almera driver.

    This is the first I've ever heard of an Almera driver stealing from another! What an idiot :evil: It's just so wrong :roll:
  19. Darchitect

    Phase 1 Green Almera | Slough to Datchet **** UFC

    Seen today filtering fast through traffic right in front of me. Was going my direction for a couple of miles before splitting up eastwards whilst I headed south. One crazy and determined driver, I'm surprised he didn't crash!
  20. Darchitect

    AWG? Farad?

    It took me a little while to figure out that OFC stood for Oxygen Free Cable but what does AWG stand for, what ranges are there (i.e. 0 is quite big and 8 is very small) and what differences does it make? I tired searching the Everything ICE section but nobody explained it. Also, apart from the...
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