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  1. Cláudio Santos

    N16 2.2dci "Black Fox"

    Hi! As some of you know, I'm from Portugal, and now, finally I put here some fotos of my sweet ride. It's the Van version of a 2004 N16 2.2dci 136 car. It doesnt have any mods, just a good maintenance. Dunlop Sport BluResponse 195/55 R16V in back and Contipremium Contact 2 in front...
  2. Cláudio Santos

    Replace rear shock absorbers

    Hi! I´m thinking in replace the rear shock absorbers. I want to install the KYB Ultra SR. Wich parts should i recommended also to replace, since I'm going to do this replacement? I Know that the protection kit is one of them. Thx
  3. Cláudio Santos

    N16 Suspension Rubbers upgrade

    Hi! I've a 2004 N16 2.2DCi and It needs to change the Anti-roll bar Bushes. It needs also to change the link stabilizer and the Tie rod end. Do you think I should change anything else, since I have to change this parts because they are old and wont pass in the inspection? TRW or Febi Bilstein...
  4. Cláudio Santos

    N16 II 2.2dci 136 Rev counter problem

    Hi! I have a problem with my rev counter. The problem is in the way it reads the RPM. It's not progressive. For a better explanation you can see the video. It was made in neutral, but it works the same way in the other gears. The engine works fine Maybe it could be a dirty RPM sensor, or...
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