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  1. SuperNintendo_Chalmers

    Heavy steering (N16 dCi 136bhp)

    Well I have had my dCi for nearly 8 years now and I still struggle with the steering. I had the track rod ends replaced a year ago and I have over-inflated the fronts (slightly) but to no avail. Even new tyres seem to make little difference. Is this just a characteristic of this spec or is...
  2. SuperNintendo_Chalmers


    Just a post to say hello. I thought I joined this forum about 2 or 3 years ago but I was probably confusing it with the Nissan one (?) Anyhoo, my name's Matt and I drive this N16 shape Almera 2.2 dCi SXE: Nissan Almera of Doom by ProgRocker77, on Flickr 2003 Nissan Almera "sport" by...
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