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  1. alanandlexie

    Pulsar 1.5 in Abersoch

    Not when you work there it's not! :D I've been contemplating another N15 ever since seeing you in that Pulsar, Only just got my Celica!
  2. alanandlexie

    My other new non Almera

    2.0 158Bhp version which doesn't have (or need) a cat converter. Much quicker than the Almera GTi, except on hills in 5th gear, he Almera would win that battle! The 154bhp version with a Cat however like my grey one is a waste of space. All the low and mid range torque is gone for the sake of...
  3. alanandlexie

    My other new non Almera

    Well after blowing the headgasket on the Grey Celica I swapped my Almera for, and still unable to find a decent N15, I decided I'd buy this: Not bad eh?
  4. alanandlexie

    Pulsar 1.5 in Abersoch

    Nice dark blue Pulsar 1.5 with 2 bar Grille, looked very smart indeed. Had aquick chat with the owner in Spar - go on own up which one are you? :D
  5. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    And a fitting replacement it is! So much more comfortable and on A roads or straighter considerably faster than the mera, lacks the low down grunt of the SR20 though so is a little bit of a slouch through the corners unless worked hard. Still needs a little TLC and finishing off, but getting...
  6. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    I much prefer this, the Almera seats didnt go far back enough for me to ever be comfortable, so I never enjoyed the drive, as good as the almera was otherwise. (Rust excluded!) Yeh the aerial's on the way out, but I'm fitting an Almera p2 twisty one on the roof and smoothing out the hole in...
  7. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    I was thinking of a GT4, but they'd all been molested to hell, and I didnt fancy the fuel consumption much for a daily driver, as much fun as it would have been. This is my 2nd ST182 now. Dad passed up the chance to buy a Mint Carloz Sainz (ST185 btw) before buying his current Gen 7 VVTi one. He...
  8. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    Here is what I swapped my Mera Gti for: So far it's had a huge dose of T cut an polish as the previous owner hadnt washed it in months, and it was flat as hell. Getting better now. He'd also seen fit to limo tint the rear windows, which I've now removed. Future plans are my FTO brakes...
  9. alanandlexie

    how do i do away withs nats 2 system

    Not sure on the priemra - our K reg one had Nats
  10. alanandlexie

    Centre console cubby hole

    Excellent, Job Done!
  11. alanandlexie

    Centre console cubby hole

    The one under the stereo - is it a standard DIN size?
  12. alanandlexie

    Clear side repeaters and insurance

    If you're indicators are visible from the side it's perfectly legal not to have side repeaters at all so I wouldn't worry. My Nova never had any because I couldn't be bothered drilling holes for them in the new wings, went through three MOTs like that.
  13. alanandlexie

    Almera / Sunny GTi 4WD

    Ah if you're not starting from scratch it's not so bad - I was under the impression you hadnt got a car yet. I made my navigating debut in a Mazda 121 (kia pride) and everyone laughed. We came 21st o/a and 6th in class despite a crash on the first selective. It's nice to try an odd car, but if...
  14. alanandlexie

    Almera / Sunny GTi 4WD

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, for a rally car of any sort the only Nissan worth looking at is the Micra. As far as I was aware it was only organisers ASRs that prevent turbos/4wd and it wasn't in the Blur book? If you want to spend money on a good road rally car then I would...
  15. alanandlexie

    green gti on pistonheads

    Mines available if you get desperate.
  16. alanandlexie


    Yeh it's supposed to be 42 but you can get away with 35-45, depends on wheel really. My ET35 7.5inchwide 17s are a bloody tight squeeze.
  17. alanandlexie

    Been written off but bought back off insurance company

    If you want I can offer you the top half of a brand new front panel. I only need the crossmember bit at the bottom.
  18. alanandlexie

    Peoples opinions

    This one? There is another one that's been done in navy camo and sprayed not vinyl, looks pretty smart. As for just the wings a BIG NO, at a glance just loosk like you've pranged it andgot a new wing in primer. All or nothing.
  19. alanandlexie

    Red Gti or SRi near Caernarfon

    Just seen it again on the A55 heading east, rear quarter all in primer. Someone must know it!
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