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    Air con comes on with blower!

    Hi all I have a problem with my air con of my Almera SE Auto. It's nearly April, and still using my heater in the mornings! Anyway, as soon as the blower comes on, so does the air con!!!......the button has fallen off so I can't even switch the ruddy thing off! Any ideas welcome Cheers
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    1999 1.6 GX Automatic owner seeking advice!

    Hi there I have a 55 SE Auto which drives like a dream.....I took it in about 2 years ago as it had to have an airbag recall job. Once with Nissan, they found a whole load of minor faults (£2,700) + problem with engine mounting (£300). I'm no mechanic, but if you took your car there, you could...
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    New member JN15 Vzr Airbag light help

    Try the switching the ignition on/off trick as above...worked for me!
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    How To: Airbag Reset

    You are an absolute legend mate!....finally got rid of the flaming flashing red light on my Almera SE 1.8 auto, without having to pay Nissan barstewards £100 just to do a check! Thanks a lot!
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    Returning Nissan owner...

    I'd never go back to manual!
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    Returning Nissan owner...

    I have an auto version of the car....55 plate bought for £4,500 in 2007 with 6,000 miles on major probs at all
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    Screen/radio/heater are dead!

    Hello Once my radio went dead, but the heating controls were still working.....and a few weeks after that it wouldn't start and door locks kept clicking!! It was solved by just charging the battery!.....have you checked the battery?...good luck
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    Airbag light won't go off-Almera SE auto 1.8 (55)

    Dear all, Airbag light suddenly came on. I took it down to my local Nissan dealer-( I had to get a recall job done anyway), and was told the connections were loose. A few months later, the light comes back on....and Nissan want to do an auto check (£110) before they do anything!!! WTF!! Anyone-...
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