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    N15 steering racks

    I am confused. Finally is the gti one "shorter" than stock gaxxde ones? What other differences if they are any?
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    Passenger airbag

    In a single airbag n15 gti 97 model is it possible to install a passenger airbag? Does the dash loom has the plug for the airbag harness?
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    S15 wheel to n15 gti

    The s15 fits ok but theres a difference for the airbag...the gti is a single airbag model and the bag module is on the wheel. How can I make the airbag fuctional? Thanks
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    gti ph1 fog lights

    Could anyone tell me how we remove the grey plastic trim from the fogs....Just not sure and dont want to crack them..... Thanks!!!
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    Ν15 gti phase 2 front bumper

    Hello from Greece.Wtb a phase 2 front bumper. Does anyone here has thiw part? Thanks
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    N15 GTi eibach lower springs part number?

    Hello!Does anybody know if the 6335-140 eibach spring series are forthe gti model? Thanks!!!!!!
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    From 1.4 gx to Gti

    Hello. I own a n15 4door 1.4 gx almera an I recently bought a n15 gti ph1. In a few days I'm going to put all of the gti things to make a sedan n15 gti. Which parts are the same and no need to take them out of the car? Sorry for my english.
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    N14 Gti steering wheel on N15

    Hello to everyone and a happy new year. I want to know if a n14 steering wheel fits on my N15 almera straight up. If someone has done it or is 100% sure about this issue will help me a lot. Thanks!!!!!!
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