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  1. alanandlexie

    My other new non Almera

    Well after blowing the headgasket on the Grey Celica I swapped my Almera for, and still unable to find a decent N15, I decided I'd buy this: Not bad eh?
  2. alanandlexie

    Pulsar 1.5 in Abersoch

    Nice dark blue Pulsar 1.5 with 2 bar Grille, looked very smart indeed. Had aquick chat with the owner in Spar - go on own up which one are you? :D
  3. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    And a fitting replacement it is! So much more comfortable and on A roads or straighter considerably faster than the mera, lacks the low down grunt of the SR20 though so is a little bit of a slouch through the corners unless worked hard. Still needs a little TLC and finishing off, but getting...
  4. alanandlexie

    After the Almera: My Celica ST182

    Here is what I swapped my Mera Gti for: So far it's had a huge dose of T cut an polish as the previous owner hadnt washed it in months, and it was flat as hell. Getting better now. He'd also seen fit to limo tint the rear windows, which I've now removed. Future plans are my FTO brakes...
  5. alanandlexie

    Centre console cubby hole

    The one under the stereo - is it a standard DIN size?
  6. alanandlexie

    Red Gti or SRi near Caernarfon

    Last night, Red P 786 KFG I think the number plaet was. looked like it had S2 bumpers like mine, black alloys and what aeppeared to be a few patches of primer? Saw it twice near the big roundabout at Llanwnda on the Caernarfon to Porth,adog road last night, I was in a red pug 106.
  7. alanandlexie

    Sills - what have you done to yours?

    OK so I have just been quoted £144 plus VAT from Nissan for my passenger side sill. Seem no other company makes them either, so what did you guys do? I sure as hell donot want to be paying that much cash to a nissan dealer for a rather small piece of sheet steel so what now? Luckily I've...
  8. alanandlexie

    Where to Buy Body panels?

    Where can I get a Sill panel from online? Can't find anything on google except spoof search results for breakers yards and cars for sale.
  9. alanandlexie

    Blue P2 GTi Pwllheli

    Thoughtit was a lad I know as it was parked outside his shop |(Has a p2 GTi but his has alloys and exhaust) but was a standard GTi V reg, something ECC so local reg. Saw it out a few times yesterday evening Also seen a red Modded P1 I think (although I'm sureitwas V reg again?) with black...
  10. alanandlexie

    Black P2 GTi on A5025

    Spotted heading towards Menai Bridge just near Pentraeth Automotive at bout 10.30 this morning. Not seen it round before - anyone on here?
  11. alanandlexie

    My Tropical Green GTi

    Well here we go - It has already been introduced elsewhere but I thought it would be nice to give it a bit of a showcase. I've owned it a week and already started tweaking! So far I've reparked the rear wiper and fixed a few minor issues, but today I have just taken delivery of a set of FTO...
  12. alanandlexie

    Finally Got Hold of One!

    I know I've already introduced myself, but I now actually own an Almera GTi! Little bit of rust to sort out (worryinly close to rear strut tops!) buteverything else is spot on! I was originally after a phase 1 GTi in Alsaska Blue, but ended up with this... Thank god I can...
  13. alanandlexie

    Roll Cage?

    Is there anyone who makes a Roll Cage for the Almera? What's the shell stiffness like without one?
  14. alanandlexie

    Hi from Gwynedd

    Hellow all - have just joined as I'm looking for my first GTi. Currentlyhave an Astra diesel and a coupleof pug 106s in various states of distress and I'm craving a proper car again! (used to have a Primera).
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