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  1. nate1981

    Injector colours

    Hi there Just took my bottom sloppy engine out and replacing with another. The original has red injectors and the replacement has black anyone know the difference? Size etc
  2. nate1981

    Ecu and key chip

    do you have to have a key chip for the ecu to work? I am thinking of changing an engine from 1.4 to 2.0 will the original chip and transponder work with the 2.0 ecu Thanks
  3. nate1981


    Here is a few pics of my new lovely motor. And another
  4. nate1981

    Hi to all

    Just to say hi to everyone on here. Just brought myself another Almera GTi in black on a R plate. Always wanted another after I brought one a few years back after I stupidly sold it
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