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    N15 steering racks

    I am confused. Finally is the gti one "shorter" than stock gaxxde ones? What other differences if they are any?
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    FTO Brake Upgrade

    Only clio's discs can be used?
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    FTO Brake Upgrade

    My discs have slightly bigger bore diam and are not really snug..With the wheel off it has some can see it also. Have some vibrations when accelerate often...
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    FTO Brake Upgrade

    I know its a long time ago from the last post. Have the same issue with discs which have 60.1mm than 59.1 the hub has. How can I solve this problem? Only clio discs can be used? Thanks..
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    Passenger airbag

    In a single airbag n15 gti 97 model is it possible to install a passenger airbag? Does the dash loom has the plug for the airbag harness?
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    S15 wheel to n15 gti

    The s15 fits ok but theres a difference for the airbag...the gti is a single airbag model and the bag module is on the wheel. How can I make the airbag fuctional? Thanks
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    gti ph1 fog lights

    Could anyone tell me how we remove the grey plastic trim from the fogs....Just not sure and dont want to crack them..... Thanks!!!
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    SR20DET Swap

    You can use sr20det engine from Avenir model with gti box with no mods. This engine produces 205 hp........
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    Ν15 gti phase 2 front bumper

    Hello from Greece.Wtb a phase 2 front bumper. Does anyone here has thiw part? Thanks
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    N15 speedometer problem

    speed sensor I guess!!!!!!!!!
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    N15 GTi eibach lower springs part number?

    Hello!Does anybody know if the 6335-140 eibach spring series are forthe gti model? Thanks!!!!!!
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    From 1.4 gx to Gti

    The 1.4 runs on Kyb excel g shocks with eibach springs -3 cm drop. Are the springs suitable? Because companies give the same codes of springs for the 1.4,1,6 and for the gti.
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    From 1.4 gx to Gti

    Well..the car is naked, no a/c, no abs, no airbag, no discs on the rear...just electric windows, imo. So in a few days she will. Thank you all for helping me with my project. They told me that the steering rack is the same in 1.4-1.6 to Gti. I am happy because the gti owner was an old man (not...
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    From 1.4 gx to Gti

    Hello. I own a n15 4door 1.4 gx almera an I recently bought a n15 gti ph1. In a few days I'm going to put all of the gti things to make a sedan n15 gti. Which parts are the same and no need to take them out of the car? Sorry for my english.
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    N14 Gti steering wheel on N15

    No bag on my steering wheel. Sorry but i can't watch the photos.So without modifications the N14 gti steering wheel will fit, e?
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    What size tires for 17" on n16

    The best choice i think is 7x17 with 215/40 tyres but these cars are underpowered so you decide
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    N14 Gti steering wheel on N15

    Hello to everyone and a happy new year. I want to know if a n14 steering wheel fits on my N15 almera straight up. If someone has done it or is 100% sure about this issue will help me a lot. Thanks!!!!!!
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