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  1. Darchitect

    AOC Membership

    Hmmm, perhaps we could have a contribution pot like a 'donate' option instead? I'm happy to continue paying, even if it's optional. Met many nice like-minded people here. I think it's the wrong decision but I do understand the benefits. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Darchitect

    lambo doors...anyone installed these on their almera

    Why don't you try suicide doors as that's yet to be done?
  3. Darchitect

    CD player removal

    P.S. Some people have tried this...
  4. Darchitect

    CD player removal
  5. Darchitect

    CD player removal

    Try disconnecting the negative cable on the battery, waiting 30 seconds and put it back on. If that doesn't work, read this (you'll have to sign-up to Npoc to view) as I hear it's a similar process.
  6. Darchitect

    Nige's N15

    Your car wouldn't last 5 minutes on the roads down south. Plebs will stop you for anything they could think of. Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  7. Darchitect

    N16 DCi-R

    Have you decided which shoes to bring to JAE or are you bringing them all?
  8. Darchitect

    Nige's N15

    What are your plans for the front number plate?
  9. Darchitect

    Hello, need help with headlights!

    It'd be easier and less stress to buy some than to Frankenstein your own design.
  10. Darchitect

    K-Sport brakes: any good??

    You're crazy but with relevance, I've noticed that the callipers are showing signs of rust on the inside after a while.
  11. Darchitect

    Liam's Derv

    Plastic sheeting reminds me of a horror movie... If only I can remember what it was called.
  12. Darchitect

    AOC on Instagram

    Have to wait for my new phone to arrive before I can add stuff...
  13. Darchitect


    Welcome, don't forget some pictures.
  14. Darchitect


    Welcome bud, that some low mileage there, hope you enjoy it ;-)
  15. Darchitect

    battery relocation n15

    80amps is fine, 100amps is more than enough, 150amps? What are you running, a minibus?
  16. Darchitect

    th3k3ymast3r's GTiR

    Can't find any?? Quite a bit of black oil on the surfaces, no scratch marks or other debris.
  17. Darchitect

    Black Phase 1 kitted N16 Camberley

    Lowered, big alloys, coming off the M3 on to the A331 dual carriageway heading towards Camberley this afternoon around 3pm. Doesn’t have a boostcut, but does look like he just got out of the barber shop. Any takers?
  18. Darchitect

    Seebeebee's P1 N15 GTi

    Tom needs it that way for going backwards.
  19. Darchitect

    Stiff Clutch pedal

    Your cable's stretched it's worth carrying a spare for when it snaps.
  20. Darchitect

    Liam's Derv

    Made in England.... Really?
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