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  1. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Eddies Ride

  2. 5Zigen_Eddie

    GA16DE-T vs SR20VE - N15 - 2010 Summer Project

    Ive really come to appreciate N15's a whole lot more over recent months and progression of my current project car has furthered this. Heck I have even got my brother to appreciate them more whom usually wouldn't be interested in anything bar a lexus soarer 2.5L turbo. I love my cars looks...
  3. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Almera N15 Alloys offset & Lowering - How to achieve Stance without dreaded scrubbing

    Okay so a few people have got 20mm spacer kits on atm which is lovely, im bored of my currently alloys now and found some 16x7J alloys i quite like recently but given the option of two flavours et15 and et25 Now the stock Gti alloy is 15x6J (rim width) with et/offset of 40mm Now question is...
  4. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Do the arch's really differ in depth or its just a visual spoof

    So is there a real difference in arch gap horrizontally from the wheel front/rear or is it just a flickery of the imagination due to nissans bodged lineup? Like so appears rear gap is much larger but is it just a angle causing this image of difference? Just wondering, beacuse if there...
  5. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Intakes and MEGA POWAHS

    Allways laugh at those suteki vents :lol: all for showw Like an asmatic breathing thew a straw in comparison to proper trumpet
  6. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Eddie's SRi

  7. 5Zigen_Eddie

    Hey guys

    Hey, my names Ed hoping to pickup the Almera SRI from Leigh/Keymaster soon Got quite a few plans for the wee beastie :D
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