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  1. wraith

    Mad 'time attack' Pulsar on 't Internet

    About halfway down the page..
  2. wraith


    Bumped into him at Scottish Car Show. Still driving an ST but looking fit and healthy. Lost a gobsmacking amount of weight but still ginger so probably a pork scratching by now because it was scorching today and I'm suffering. Miss the old Scottish crew.
  3. wraith

    Chris180's new whip.

    Pulled up to a roundabout to see a familiar face in a black Civic Type-R come in from the right and do a double-take as he passed by. Was Chris with a couple of mates in convoy out for a run in the car he'd picked up this morning. Joined the convoy and stopped for a quick chat. Looks like he...
  4. wraith

    P1 N16 With Nissan 3-spoke Wheels

    Calder junction Edinburgh yesterday. Looked like a bog-standard silver pov-spec phase one N16 but with 3-spoke wheels with a Nissan logo on the center. Been googling but can't find those wheels. They actually really suited it in a 90s retro kind of way.
  5. wraith

    Head/Tail Light Protecting/Tint Film

    Looks like good stuff. Pricey but good. Have some ordered to try yellow front fogs (maybe do the rest if it's as good as it looks). They do yellow halogens too, might get them for the fogs too. Will report back with results. - Motorsport light protection, halogen bulbs FAO...
  6. wraith

    Wraith's Blue Beastie

    -----History----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My previous car: Red GTi. Previous owners' members' rides threads: Bushell, Chris180...
  7. wraith

    Site Performance

    It seems the site has been a bit flakey lately. Unavailable for short periods and very very laggy/unresponsive at times (now being one). On my phone so can't do any diagnosics but has anything changed?
  8. wraith

    Almera Airbag Recall

    Sounds like this is only for N16s..
  9. wraith

    New Car. I don't Have An Almera Now..

    ..I have two. least for a while. I'll be selling the red one at some point soon. Not had much of a chance to drive the new one, been too busy fighting with a spinning front-seat bolt, swapping in the leather seats, running wiring for the sub and so on but based on the few dozen miles...
  10. wraith

    My Noisy Red Box (p3 GTi)

    -----History----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My previous car: Tornado Grey N16 Sport Previous owners' members' rides threads: StevenC Next owner's members' rides thread: Nismosteve My next car: Blue GTi...
  11. wraith

    Lost my member's rides thread again.

    As above. Looked everywhere, even under the sofa and behind the fridge. Was titled 'My ph3 GTi with performance mods' Ta.
  12. wraith

    How to tell membership status?

    How can you tell if you are a member or not? A lot of the sections are marked Private and I can't read or post. Got no notification of membership expiring or anything but it's probably due (for all I know).
  13. wraith

    Almera coping with bad weather..

    Intro picture and at about 23 seconds in :)
  14. wraith

    ENCAP Crash Test Vids

    Apologies if this is a repost. YouTube- Euro NCAP | Nissan Almera | 1999 | Crash test YouTube- Euro NCAP | Nissan Almera | 2001 | Crash test YouTube- Crash Test 2001 Nissan Almera Tino crash test (Impolite)
  15. wraith

    Broken link

    Last link in "Newbies - Please read this before posting" thread is borken.
  16. wraith

    South African N16 Police Cars Check out the cars section. (apologies if this has been posted before).
  17. wraith

    Aluminium Dash Trim on eBay

    Might be of interest to someone here if they have a contact in the states who can ship it for them.
  18. wraith

    Springs loose on coilovers

    I have K-Sport coilovers on my N16. Dropped them an inch below the original setup my garage had done for me when refitting them by lowering the spring perch. Still not as big a drop as the first time they put them on. After doing so with the car jacked and the wheel off the spring was not...
  19. wraith

    Chatroom Link

    Is broken (for me anyway). I assume it was a plugin/module/hack on the old server? Pity you're not using PHPbb - I wrote an HTML chatroom for that that let users create combat characters and beat the shit out of each other if they fell out:-)
  20. wraith

    Blue P2 GTi? Dunbar Today

    Pretty sure it was a GTi anyway, looked lowered, aftermarked exhaust, looked like 17" Oz rims (silver), bit of rustystuff on nearside rear arch, Followed me into the wee one-way system on the high street, passed me again as I parked then headed down to ASDA and waited in the 'drop-off only'...
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