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    newish car

    got rid of the almera about 4 months ago was a hard decision as i loved the car. but have to say i like me new car more. not to bad for my first time doing decal let me know what yous think?
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    Hi was just wondering wat people get to half tank of petrol i have a 1.43 and get 120 miles from half tank. was wondering if thts normal or if its meant to be more thanks
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    blk gti

    black gti behind me on linburn road anyones?
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    black pulsar

    in dunfermline drove past me twice??
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    hi was wondering if any one could tell me how to bridge an amp?
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    rear view mirror

    does anyone have te problem when they turn there bass up on there sub the rear view mirror decides to move so all you can see is the back seats or is it just me?
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    induction question

    hi was just wondering whats better for a 1.4 engine. induction kit or panel filter cos some people have telt me that induction kits dont work as good with under powered engine.
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    Was wondering whats te most you can lower the car and still get full lock?
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    red 3door on 17's in macdonalds car park?
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    hose kits

    Was wondering if anyone knows were aye can get a hose kit for a 1.4i n15?? I'v looked every where and can't find one??
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    front door speakers

    hi could anyone tell me the size of the front door speakers? saces me alot of hassel taking the door panels off just to get the size of them.
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    front suspention

    i have just recently lowered me almera by 40mm and the front of the car still sits high. the backs fine wit the new shockies on it. was just wonderin wether us no y it sits higher at the front then normal?
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