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    N16 Headlight Resource Thread

    either buy the brightest bulbs you can and stick them in or buy new headlights, I forget the name of them but there are third party ones that are redesigned as from new the low beams are awful. I stuck 100 watt eqv in the low beam lenses and in the fog lights and it is just about okay now. I...
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    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    Same here ridic nice car for the money they are asking. almost no body sway on sharp corners and feels ridc solid and stuck on the road.
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    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    I doubt this forum will come back looks like its just us two here ;-) Similar to yourself I just got myself the 1.5 sve with 61K miles as my secound car. Coming from a 1.1 fiat panda its certainly a lot more refined and fast.
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    Any ideas what this guy is using here ? subwoofer and bluetooth upgrade

    Hi, just got an almera and wanted to add bluetooth in and subwoofer out of the stock radio if possible and had no luck about how to do that and saw this video of a guy who managed it while keeping the headunit stock. any idea how to go about this ? I get the idea of using bluetooth in on the...
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