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  1. edk

    FSM: N16 Almera phase 2 facelift latest 2004 version
  2. edk

    AOC on Instagram

    We're now on Instagram, and I'll be updating with pictures frequently. If you want your car featured post an image with #AOCtag or @almeraoc on Instagram. Cheers :) AOC
  3. edk

    Maxima OEM shift knob upgrade

    Unlike the N16's PVC and plastic chrome plated knob, the A33 Maxima one is leather and metal and has a better weight to it. Well done Cláudio :) £50 delivered to...
  4. edk

    Ed's P11-144 SR20 Sport+

    I've bought a 2001 Nissan Primera P11-144 Sport+. Big shout out and thanks to Spyke for a pleasant sale. First time I've owned an SR20 too! Comfy, solid, torquey and smart. I've driven about 250 miles now, both motorway and a blat round the Derbyshire Dales. Loving it so far and I'm impressed...
  5. edk

    Nissan vs. Depo OEM headlights

    After Liam told us of the difference in light output from the Depo unit I thought I would post some details which might give reason to why they are so much better, plus a few other differences. I'll post some actual light output comparison photos once I've got my car up and running, both with...
  6. edk

    ph1 vs ph2 centre consol dash

    The metal frame that holds heating controls etc please. -phone-
  7. edk

    Electronics: custom EGT warning light

    Looking to buy up all my gauges but on a budget, and I'd also like all the same brand. I've found this means either paying through the nose for decent peak/warn gauges or having a miss match of gauges. I've found a warning light with pressure switch you can buy for oil pressure dropping too low...
  8. edk


    Spotted on the M3 going into Richmond, had it's own 'NSX' reg plate too. I think that's the first time I've spotted one outside of a car show or meet. Damn it looked good.
  9. edk

    Behold... the Starlet

    The new whip whilst my mera is being worked on.
  10. Cláudio Santos

    Other N16 Brake Upgrade Options (non-Nissan)

    Hi again edk. With 17" wheels. Do you think this kit will fit in a N16? Lug or 5 Lug hub
  11. edk

    Elementary, my dear turbo.

    In prep for the next turbo upgrade on the YD, I've run some numbers for the compressor. Any insight from anyone with some turbo understanding would be appreciated. Here's what I've got that seems suitable: Stock: 36.34mm inducer 49mm exducer Trim = 55 Proposed: 42mm inducer 56mm exducer Trim...
  12. edk

    N16 / N15 Anti bump steer kit from 2JR

    Another good one from 2JR (based in the US). If your car is lowered it throws the track rods out of wack so these help correct the geometry and reduce bump steer and also improve the turning circle which is pretty poor with the Almera anyway. Quality material and track tested...
  13. edk

    Cupra R front splitter/lip mod for N16

    How To Modify and Fit - On Phase 1 and Phase 2 cars - More pics of Phase 1 -...
  14. edk

    For Sale and Wanted Threads Clear Out!!!

    We're going to have clear out of all the old sale and wanted threads. There's literally hundreds of old ones we don't need and no point backing up. Anything that's older than 6 months will be deleted. This excludes Breaking Car threads, or anything that's been posted in within the last 6 months...
  15. edk

    Members Rides Before and After Photos

    There was a thread already for this, and once I find from the backups I'll merge. Before at the point it was just lowered, and a few cosmetic changes Now Before Now
  16. edk

    Fast Idle Overide?

    Sticking on the air con also activates the fast idle. My basic understanding is that its a wire to the ECU that controls this. Anyone know how it could exactly be rigged up to a separate switch please? -phone-
  17. edk

    Spotted couple of N14s on trailers

    Spotted this eve going down the M11.
  18. edk

    Aftermarket Clutch Advice

    UPDATE: 07/03/2013 - Clutch upgrade found to be used with solid mass flywheel for Almera 2.2 DCi - See video for info I've got zero experience when it comes to clutches, and certainly with aftermarket ones. As my stock one has started to slip (albeit on in top gear and up hill at full boost)...
  19. edk

    DMF to solid flywheel conversion?

    UPDATE: 07/03/2013 - Clutch upgrade found to be used with a solid mass flywheel conversion for Almera 2.2 DCi - See video for info Anyone every heard of someone converting a DMF to a solid flywheel? With my project there are no off the shelf options for clutches or flywheels, not even a...
  20. edk


    For those that remember the first version (MKI) on the grey car here's it's build thread - Thought I'd start a new thread for this new one for posterity. I always intended to tweak the grey car's and do a better job...
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