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  1. crmpicco

    Taking on the "Legends Challenge" with the Rangers Charity Foundation

    Admin: Feel free to delete if this is against the rules Hello Everyone, I'm taking part in the Legends Challenge by running 114km in the month of September to raise money for Rangers Charity Foundation and I'd really appreciate your support. The number 114 isn't entirely random as it's the...
  2. crmpicco

    Turn off EPS warning message in N16 Almera

    Can anyone advise me on how to turn this warning message off in my Almera SXE? It's there every time I start the car and I have to acknowledge it every time for it to go away
  3. crmpicco

    Raising money for UNICEF - can anyone spare anything?

    Hi All, I am fundraising for UNICEF by running the Great Scottish Run 10k in Glasgow on Sunday 1st October. I know this sounds like some random from the internet asking for money, however it is a good cause so if anyone has a couple of quid to spare I'd really appreciate it. My goal is £100...
  4. crmpicco

    Updated sat Nav DVD rom for Almera N16

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an updated DVD rom that would suit my Almera N16? I have the x6.0 version in the image below but it seems quite out of date. Is there an updated version out there and should it support my car ok? looks like I can't quite post images yet as I haven't been...
  5. crmpicco

    Temperature gauge sitting at 3/4 in 2005 Almera DCI SCE

    Since I've bought the car the temperature gauge gets to 3/4 and stays there fairly quickly. I worried about the cylinder head gasket but there is no gunk in the oil filler cap, coolant reservoir or radiator. I also marked the coolant reservoir with a pen to see if the coolant was dropping but...
  6. crmpicco

    Stiff boot/trunk handle in Nissan Almera MK2 2005

    I have recently bought a 2005 Nissan Almera and the boot/trunk handle is very stiff and the handle does spring back when opened. If you open the boot/trunk and then close it the handle stays open. To close the boot/trunk securely you have to push the handle back in. I have soaked the handle in...
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