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  1. StevenC

    Steven C GTi

    Alrighty!!! Some of you know / suspected but I didn't want to post up 'till the previous owner sorted himself out with a car. I went down to Blackpool on Sat to pick up my second GTi. This is a car I'd wanted near two years ago but couldn't accord Nismo Billy's asking price when it was sold...
  2. StevenC

    StevenC's new SR20'd motor...

    Picked up a new motor three weeks ago now, the same day that the GTi went away. 1999 T Reg 200SX S14a Sapphire Blue SR20DET Manual 80,000miles A folder that's literally bursting full of receipts and history... No rust Standard car other than the alloys and a very quiet back box When...
  3. StevenC

    P2 Gti 65k - Under £1k!! This wants buying. Looks straight and pretty clean. Low low low miles also...
  4. StevenC


    IN BANZAI!!! JTS Feature, page 41. It's a shame they got thier figures wrong as its WHEEL HORSE POWER. lol
  5. StevenC


    Had a bit of a random meet with Chris today to help him clean his engine bay which unfortunately didn't come up as well as hoped due to some sealent crap all over his engine bay. Gave him advice on how to sort this so he should be good soon. With two freshly cleaned almeras there was no...
  6. StevenC

    StevenC's GTi

    Welcome my friends (and foes ;P) to my Nissan Almera GTi. It's a V Reg Phase 2 GTi Full standard bodykit 85,000 miles Lowered 30mm on unknown springs Powerflow stainless steel exhaust Itg tri-foam Induction kit Sony 10 Disk CD multichanger "Team Heko" Wind deflectors The usual GTi...
  7. StevenC

    Technically a newbie to the car...

    Well today I picked up a V reg P2 GTi, in silver. It's in decent body condition and very good under body condition. Driving the four hours back home was like a dream compared to the N16. I am not turning my back on the N16 or nay saying it at all, but the GTi is very under-rated car which...
  8. StevenC

    Almera on track @ Knockhill 24/08

    There was a silver n15 on track today. No badges but was a p2. No bodykit so not sure if it was a GTI or an SRI. Was going well v VTI Civic but sounded really rough then disappeared. Any takers?
  9. StevenC

    Silver N16 EdinburghCruise

    I spotted a pretty cool looking 5 door silver N16 p1 with what looked like 16" Oz Supertourismos, back box and lexarse lights (doh) just as I was arriving wih my steelies on haha. Pretty sure it had skirts and deffo had spoiler. Anyone know who this was?
  10. StevenC

    Purple GTi @ Stirling...

    Anyone know who this is? They damn near killed me last week when I was taking a photo of another car and came roaring past the back of me. Paint was a nice color, but didn't really look very uniform over the car.
  11. StevenC


    Kirkaldy last night...
  12. StevenC

    Game (i think) and Orange Gti-R

    Pretty sure I saw you @ EC on Sat in the Si. You never even came over to say hello. *sniffle*. The orange Pulsar Gti-R was at Stirling cruise the following night. Never seen it before, I thought it was maybe a poor replica but it had the works under the bonnet.
  13. StevenC

    Blue Modded N15 Livingston

    Down at asda tonight. I was down dropping off a mate at asda and noticed a blue n15. Didn't see what it was but it had bumpers (no skirts) and a spoiler. Also had 17's (maybe bigger) and looked lowered. Be interested to know who it was, as it looked like a nice motor. Any takers?
  14. StevenC

    My N16 Almera

    Ok guys, thought I'd post in here to get a thread started to keep my updates going as there should be a bit happening in the land of my car over the next few weeks and months. Got wheels coming next week and all things going well, should have it lowered, exhausted and possibly colour coded...
  15. StevenC

    N16 OMP Lowering springs

    No idea how good they are, but for £64 delivered (they claim half price) it seems like a good buy...
  16. StevenC

    Changing door handle on N16

    Just ordered a exterior door handle and surround. Anyone got any instructions on how to remove the old one? Would be changing passenger side. It's all cracked and stuff as well as having some blue shite all over it.
  17. StevenC

    Anthracite or silver?

    K guys! Decided I want 16's as insurance company say no to lowering springs (oh well, we'll wait till it's renewal time) and just want to improve the look a wee bitty (alloy + bigger wheels) without compromising ride comfort with real low profile tyres (not 17's). I did want the bk333 5...
  18. StevenC

    Deep whine from osf wheel...

    The last few days I've noticed a noise coming from the osf wheel. It's between 10 and 30mph when doing anything but braking (if you touch the brakes, it goes away). It sounds like a really deep whine and it feels like a rubbing/grinding through the wheel. It's also VERY loud. It brakes...
  19. StevenC

    N16 Front Lights (all of em)

    Was out last night for a wee drive on some back roads in the car and realised how quite shocking the lights are on my car (as well as quite how respectable a handler a standard 1.5 is!) The aim seems to be fine, but just not powerful enough. All "wee yellow" colour as well. Obviously I'm not...
  20. StevenC

    Paint question!

    G'day guys, I have a query for any painters / bodywork guys out there. Basically, unfortunately - a couple of weeks ago, the mera decided to pick on a 4x4 and needless to say, the 4x4 won. No major damage though as fight was fairly small. Anyway, the mera needed a new face (Bumper / bonnett /...
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