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    My new car

    I'm here, so fuck you all haha. I sold it to someone who can only be described as a moron. and at the minute I am in our fine capital, but one day I will buy one, maybe even an Almera - maybe I'll even carjack/gag Fred and keep him in the boot of my old one*. *I can't promise any of...
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    my 1.4 mera

    You fucking moron.
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    Hello my old friends (if theres anyone left)

    This is nice, I'm calling this the re-union thread, were we can talk about the old days, It's making me go all misty eyed, remebering my barried SRi, my botched GTi, and the silver one we don't talk about. I'd still have another one, Alan I'm pretty sure you promised me yours before you got...
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    my now black GTi

    Cutting edge.
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    Autech Overhaul

    what the hell do you mean you havent had time until lately, you spend 3/4's of your day watching barry may on youtube! I like it, it's still my favourite N15, I still think you should sell me that head. Or that Skyrine.
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    TV Star 'mera!

    Is that you infront of it Corbs?
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    New Car: R32 GTR

    That looks shit
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    if you brought this

    You'd need (as has been discussed many times, as you would have seen had you done a search) at least: GTiR Engine. GTi loom GTi Distributor GTi sensors, knock sensor, oil sender and maybe o2 sensor GTiR MAF GTi ECU with Greddy Emanage mapped to run. Front mount intercooler (or a bonnet...
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    My new motor.

    Why hasn't that man got a face?
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    Re badging

    "They've re-badged it you fool!"
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    import on piston heads

    This is how they strung it out on Morse
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    Hiya! I'm SubbyG00n from NPOC

    Hello mate how's it going? fitted that exhaust yet? even though i've got a ZX now I hope I'm still your loyalest customer lol
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    My ph2 GTi

    Is 'usable' the new shorthand for slower-than-we-expected or something? Surely anything under 250bhp is usable? Joking. Well I'm not, but I don't mean it with malice.
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    Noooo the dreaded wheel arch rust!

    It's being a Nissan that does it lol, they all do. In Japan there's no salt on the roads to rot everything so they don't stand up to it well, if you're keeping the car, fix it (properly) and underseal it and it'll be fine :)
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    Just bought my 60th ....

    That white Sunny was a 1.4! They all look really generic to be fair, but that second pic of the first metro looks ace!!
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    My GTI-R

    saw this on JNE the other week, there's not enough appreciation for VVL on there!
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    My new car

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    Sprints Primera eGT

    Yes! its about bloody time sprint lol, for a period i wanted to get an eGT based on that car alone, it looks awesome and knowing how little its been used how is it for rust? has it been undersealed and stuff? My mate has a dark green P11 GT with grey standard alloys and it looks really nice...
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    My new car

    You're telling me :( at least 30 left apparently
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