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  1. Hally

    N15 Pulsar clear indicators

    You can get silver bulbs that flash orange for the totally no orange look, or just orange bulbs.
  2. Hally

    Cv joints

    GTi ones are not shared, its a different spline profile. The correct ones are available though;
  3. Hally

    N15 GTi cv joints ???

    Shaftec JCV737AN are right, according to someone who knows.
  4. Hally

    Power steering rack drawing

    The factory service manual should have what you need;
  5. Hally

    Pinout / Wire diagram for Radio/AC control buttons

    You can download the service manuals from the link at the top, they have all the wiring diagrams in
  6. Hally

    Almera gti with veo vvl

    Yeah that's just a GTi engine with a badge on it. There are no VVL solenoids on the right hand side and VVL valve covers were all painted and not bare metal like the GTi engine, so would never look like that.
  7. Hally

    Almera gti with veo vvl

    No it is not stock. What makes you think that, just a sticker on the rocker cover or something else? Get some pictures up and I can tell you if it is or not. specifically the right hand side of the rocker cover area.
  8. Hally

    Injector colours

    Are you replacing it with a Primera engine? The GTi has red side feed injectors and the Primera has black top feed ones. They are the same size as far as I remember.
  9. Hally

    GTi badge - 96' N15

    Found it, maybe a bit faded but in good nick. just needs some adhesive on the back. You can have it for a fiver to cover a jiffy bag and postage. Obviously not sure when I can actually post it in these crazy times but let me know.
  10. Hally

    N16 4x114.3 multi fitment Trouble

    That's impossible if they are 4x114.3, as that is literally the measurement. Maybe you were mis-sold/listed wrong? Crap either way.
  11. Hally

    N16 4x114.3 multi fitment Trouble

    The centre bore on the wheels is probably too small for your car. I'd measure that and compare to your old wheels
  12. Hally

    GTi badge - 96' N15

    I might have one in the garage, I know I used to. Will have a look over the next couple of days
  13. Hally

    Brake Caliper

    Guessing this is the slide pins, if it was siezed in and has sheared that it's going to be an arse to get out. If you can get the caliper off by taking the other bolt out and then get the carrier off, you might be able to get it out and replace the slide pin(s)
  14. Hally

    1998 Almera GTi value??

    Not really, the engines are bulletproof and if you do have an issue a replacement is cheap enough. The rear inner arches are the main area, pull the side carpets back in the boot and look around the seatbelt mounting bolt area. If there is rust there it has gone through multiple skins and will...
  15. Hally

    1998 Almera GTi value??

    So many factors and at this point probably whatever someone is willing to pay. If there is minimal rust (let's face it there will be some) then maybe around 1k. If it's very rusty then it's probably worth half that or less as someone will probably just break it. It's a shame and they should...
  16. Hally

    Ecu and key chip

    No, you need the keychip and NATS IMMU box from the same car as the ECU. The IMMU box is a black Siemens box under the dash near the steering wheel. All three need to match.
  17. Hally

    Kind of a Newbie, but not... if that makes sense....

    Most people are scared of the inevitable rust these days and just scrap them. an N15 GTi is a rare beast! At this point it's probably worth spending a few hundred quid sorting the rot.
  18. Hally

    Wiring diagram You will be able to find the wiring diagrams in there
  19. Hally

    FAO Anyone about to post a thread relating to 'drag chips', 'electric turbos',......

    That is not what this thread was about. 15 years ago when it was posted eBay was full of cheap resistor 'chips' which claimed to increase power.
  20. Hally

    Service Manuals N16 Phase 1/Phase 2

    That's odd, on my local copy it was 2004, but the download link was the ESM version of the Phase 1 manual, which I didn't even know I had uploaded! I have changed the link now.
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