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    My new car

    As a few people know i recently bought a p2 silver GTi, but it wasnt really what I was looking for, it was too comfy, and too... I dunno, new! so i've since sold the 100NX and will be selling the GTi too, and from now on will be driving this: 1990 b12 Sunny ZX coupe. It's the best thing i've...
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    What is this window thing for?

    Here's a pic of jonnygti's car, and a question i've been trying to work out for about 2 years! (which someone will probably answer within 2 minutes and make me feel like a tart) but whats are the little rubber tabs for at the top of the A frames on cars? the best answer i've had is 'wind...
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    Nissan F.A.S.T Request

    Can anyone with FAST compare the N14/N15 exhaust systems for me? ideally post up a screenshot of both. Thinking of selling my exhaust system and want to know if i can sell it here as well as the NXOC, obviously i could sell the GA manifold here but I'm not sure how compatible the rest is. Ta.
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    Blue GTi Portrack Lane, Stockton

    p2, had 17" 5 spokes and tinted windows, think it had a black grille too parked near ASDA on Portrack Lane at about 12 today!
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    Hall of Fame

    I'd like this not to become the overlooked idea it invariably will be, perhaps coz its not a good idea or perhaps coz most seem to. Anyway, what does everyone think about a Hall of Fame sub-section? maybe under the members rides thread, where every so often the mods could add a locked thread...
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    pic request: 14" alloys

    Looking to downgrade back to 14" alloys (from 15" GTi ones) to help with tyre prices + accelaration + look cooler! But i cant find any i really think suit the NX more than the GTi alloys, I know there's a huge variety of 14" alloys made by Nissan for the sunny, sunny gti, GTiR, k11 micras...
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    Hartlepool: alaska blue GTi

    Saw parked in the rugby pitch carpark on catcote road at about 12-1pm. p1 alaska blue GTi with a p2 bodykit, anyone off here?
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    Rear indicator bulbs

    Off the top of their head, does anyone know if the almera uses straight opposing or offset opposing rear indicator bulbs? (e.g. are the bayonet pins on the bulbs opposit each other or at a 120deg ish angle!) The NX uses opposite, which is an older fitting, and i cant find amber bulbs in...
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    Where is the cheapest for EBC pads?

    Now that the AOC EBC discount seems to have stopped, everyones getting a dead number - where's the cheapest places people have used? I'm after GTi front pads, either redstuff or yellowstuff if anyone can recommend anywhere.
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    FAQ's Phase info and common problems 96-00

    Right, this thread is intended as a guide to the UK market N15 Nissan Almera (1996-2000 shape) gives details of the models, including images and briefly describes the differences between the facelifts and GTi/non-GTi models. There is also a list of common faults and FAQ's and brief fixes for...
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    Two mera's at Teesside Uni today

    a Trop Green GTi in the carpark (number plate ended in UHH i think) and a Marine Blue 1.4 with 17" multispokes parked almost next to me in the ghetto free carpark anyone off here?
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    Forum banner

    can any mods confirm the dimensions the site's allowed for the graphic at the top of the forum page? wanted to try and update it a bit with pictures from the recent meet but was unsure how wide it was allowed to be! (ideally wanted to make it as wide as the blue taskbar containing the User...
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    Heavily modded black N16, Gateshead

    Was driving out the Metro Retail Park at about 10/11 this morning! limo tints, black alloys (w/ polished lip) and space shuttle bonnet vent, anyone off here?
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    P2Red GTi, Tesco - Hartlepool

    Driving into tesco at about half 10 this morning (saturday) had clear side repeaters and a guy with black hair driving! Would have waved but I dont have an almera anymore :(
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    Mintex brake pads/discs

    Does anyone know off hand what Mintex's equivalent of EBC Redstuff is called? and how they compare to redstuff (the only pads i had on the GTi) i tried their online catalogue but got the most confusing table ever, and my gf's brother works in the factory so hopefully can get discount or...
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    dyeing seats/doorcard fabric

    Looking to dye my rear seats (buying some new ones isnt really an option, neither is re-covering them as they're in excellent condition, just a bit faded) but most of the dyes we stock at work (Tesco) say you have to put the fabric in the washing machine with them, but my rear bench is totally...
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    Motorized vents?

    Watch me speak before i think :cool: Right, Looking at my mates Celica the other day (260bhp AWD :eek: ) and his poppy up headlights got me thinking... If i was to get the motor/light poppy uppy bit from a scrapyard, and cut a hole in the bonnet about the induction kit + mount it there...
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    Will someone hold my hand?

    Right, firstly I have NO idea about audio setups, at all! the GTi standard one (with the components in the A pillars etc) suited me fine! the bass seemed a little disappointing and wouldnt of minded upgradin the door speakers to something more sophisticated, but it did me, however, the 100nx is...
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    Kelv's new car!

    Well the time came :( The GTi became too much to afford, so after alot of thought I decided I'd have to sell her, I could only afford petrol and insurance, no bits, and if something went wrong i was fucked, SO! on friday i made the 540mile round journey to pick up my new car...
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    The Definative Autech/VZR/N1/Pulsar thread

    Ok! think of this as Wikipedia AOC style, to save having to explain this over and over again to new people and whatever, how about we make this thread (In this forum so non-members can see it too), listing the features/performance/details of all the autech tuned, VZR and general performance...
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