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  1. damienga15de

    The making of a touring car

    So iv started making a car again, the old shell was too much work to put back standard so I sold it on and most of the parts. This is going to be a effort but I'm making the best of any time I can get and any free/cheap material. As of today I have the boot stripped and passenger door stripped...
  2. damienga15de

    Itcc pulsar second time around

    So this is acquired, parts list so far P10 sr20 Vzr box Fidanza fly Maxim manifold Vzr shafts Lots of work to do Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. damienga15de

    Rust repair

    How to repair? We in Ireland are not familiar with this car cancer. New bootlid? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4
  4. damienga15de

    Pulsar VZR N1

    So just realised i dont have a comprehensive members ride thread up so here it is, after some rust/cras/reshelling Spec first gonna try remember it all. Engine and exhaust: SR16VE N1 3 angle valve job with new valve seats and stem seals, Shimmed to the upper end of standard tolerence...
  5. damienga15de

    Spurious EBAY lights

    Anyone using them, nissan wont replace hers on recall (1 sticker is missing) and it badly needs both headlights, the lights are £99 wondering are they any use, nissan are giving a 40% discount but there still €295
  6. damienga15de

    JO's Recession special almera

    Picked this up monday as a first car for jo, Year- 2000 milage- 170000 price- €200 rust- plenty Needs a new drivers side ball joint, rear steel brake lines, front passo brake line and the sills welded up and sealed. Iv started repairing the rust as best i can...
  7. damienga15de

    Motoring fact-vs-fiction

    Top 10 Automotive Mechanical Myths and Misconceptions Let the Truth Shine in By Mac Demere, Contributor Email The automotive world is filled with myths and misconceptions. Many are encouraged by carefully worded advertisements. Others originate from Olympic-level leaps of imagination and...
  8. damienga15de

    How To ---- Mini Meet

    here is how you do a droolworthy mini meet, find 3 N1's meet up and take bad photos with a crappy camera phone.
  9. damienga15de

    user vzrmoate

    he cant get access to anything yet:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  10. damienga15de

    VZR N1 project

    1997 pulsar vzr n1 bog standard arriving in ireland, so far iv added. Cusco 4 point front lower brace Carbing rear strut tower brace Maxim sports 4-2-1 manifold rewelded and slightly ported 5zeigen de-cat 5ziegen miracle fireball exhaust Nismo short shifter Twin pot brake calipers EBC red...
  11. damienga15de

    VZR saloon

    White VZR saloon pulled by the cops in moate at a checkpoint, didnt look too good :eek: very clean car i waved and passed in the N1
  12. damienga15de


    site slow for anyone else at the moment???
  13. damienga15de

    5ziegen+phase 2 rear problems

    Anyone got a 5 ziegen exhaust and phase 2 rear splitter?? mines all melted and i wanna see if anyone has pics of the bumper cut to fit the exhaust.
  14. damienga15de


    Can someone send me the logo from the top of the forum like the membership stickers. Gonna get something made and if it looks well i can get a few done for forum members. I need a good quality logo though to start with
  15. damienga15de

    Tint question

    Im having a problem, should i take the rear tints off or not. i cant decide myself but im leaning to taking them off slightly.
  16. damienga15de

    Spam bots Anti spam bot registration:D
  17. damienga15de

    Swop forum

    I have a lot of bits and pieces lying about that some members might want, and i have a list of stuff i want. nobody has money so how about setting up a trade/swop forum. people can swop goods for goods or services for goods etc. like i see hopelessness looking to swop body bits for wheels, i...
  18. damienga15de


    :vvl: The time has come folks i have the engine parts and now the car. But before anything else the car needs some tlc. iv spent the last 2 evenings removing the chav crap out of it. Anyway heres a few bad pictures for now. And heres some of the stuff i have already removed...
  19. damienga15de

    Happy place

    My new happy place, the pulsar corner of the shed for when i miss my old N1. contents are 2 sr16ve blocks+bottom ends minus a set of pistons, 16ve inlet, 16ve manifold, 1 N1 complete engine minus inlet, all awaiting rebuilding to 2.0 :bounce::bounce::2thumbs::bounce::bounce:
  20. damienga15de

    How to upload pictures

    Steps to Take: 1. Open the Photobucket site at Enter your username and password at the top of the page, then click the log in button to log into your Photobucket account. 2. Select albums & upload from the menu at the top of your album. 3...
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