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    New member - New (old) Almera

    Well if anyone is interested. Oil & Filter changed. Fuel Filter changed. Air filter changed. MAF cleaned. EGR Valve cleaned. Air Bag light fixed with link in this forum. Fuel pump/ECU reset done. New discs & pads all round. Caliper piston repair kits done. Passed MOT with flying colours. 45K...
  2. J

    Rear Bumper Removal due to Water Leak

    Hey - did you ever get a fix for your leak, mine also has this leak - I'm thinking it may be coming in behind the right rear light/bumper?
  3. J

    New member - New (old) Almera

    Hi all, great forum by the way! Just bought myself a 2004 Almera 2.2 DCI SXE, mileage 44k, the guy has changed oil, filter etc himself at home, fair bit of history with the motor. I'm pretty much a noob with cars, but feel a project coming on with this Almera. My first thoughts are to give the...
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