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    Rear Bumper Removal due to Water Leak

    It beat me in the end, I removed the RH light unit, mass sealed it with sealer but it still leaked, i actually think the leak was coming from behind the bumper somewhere, i sold the car in the end
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    Water leak in boot N16 hatch 2000

    Hi, do you still have the Almera? If so is it still leak free, I have I think the same issue but unsure exactly where this trim /channel you filled with silicone is positioned?
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    Rear Bumper Removal due to Water Leak

    Anyone else had this occur? I got an inch of water in the spare wheel well, whilst using a hose pipe I found it's coming in behind bumper which I haven't removed yet.
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    Flat Battery, not now but no radio?

    As the title suggests really I had a dead flat battery a mate of mine jumped it but now the radio on off button does not function I have attached an image of the radio type I have any ideas guys?
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    Console Removal

    thanks a mill for this, i'll give it a go this weekend
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    Console Removal

    Anyone know where the fixings are? I've dropped my front door key down through the gap where handbrake is!
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    Tino - intermittent immobiliser problem

    On the off chance you can remember after all this time! What was the fix, I have the same issue, keys operate central locking but engine will not start
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