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  1. GTi

    Hello from Ireland!

    welcome! hope you enjoy your stay :D
  2. GTi

    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    wow thats a steady decline from '05 !
  3. GTi

    Any ideas what this guy is using here ? subwoofer and bluetooth upgrade

    looks to me like some sort of bluetooth hands free kit judging by the mic on the steeringwheel casing, it would suggest that it has a bluetooth reciever and transmitter (in from phone and out to sub?) some kits only have bluetooth recievers
  4. GTi

    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    think i read somewhere that there was approx 50 Almera's left on UK roads (not sure if true) i guess that could be to blame why its a bit quiet around here :confused: hope you enjoy your Almera ! i still miss mine....
  5. GTi

    Harc0re's RATmera

    T-Cut the redge plates maybe? :lol:
  6. GTi

    Replacing Gear Knobs

    its screwed on with a bit of glue to keep it into place, you just need to unscrew it counter clockwise to remove. if your lucky the glue will just break and it will screw off. if your unlucky you'll end up with a mangled gear nob :P
  7. GTi

    Air Con Question

    if its the pipe i'm thinking of thats a funny shape and sits in front of the rad, it gets pitted and can rust / corrode, yet the ones from some primera's are a different metal and dont, so swap 'em if you get a chance ;)
  8. GTi

    N15 front door speakers

    if i remember correctly there are some pre-made plastic mounts you can buy which are from a corsa / astra. just use the forum search tool as its been covered plenty times before :D
  9. GTi

    kicked out

    try clearing your cookies and try again as you may have one saved from the old site? or even clear your temp internet files
  10. GTi

    Scorpion Exhaust

    as above, and use a zip tie to keep the brake cable tucked out of the way of the exaust hanger so they dont rub together. (the scorp zorst has stupidly long hangers) if your using old or the oringinal rubbers to hang the zorst that sometimes make it sit wrong ;)
  11. GTi

    urgent help needed - weird noise??

    if it was the power steering pump or low fluid etc.. you would be able to hear the noise with the car parked up and the bonnet up. have you tried that ?
  12. GTi

    Engine Compartment Noise

    before you think its a chain check your exhaust heat shields around the manifold area as they 'can' sound very similar when loose ;)
  13. GTi

    White Si ALO ALO

    maybe try giving the MAF sensor a clean with some carb cleaning spray, i remember when mine was filthy on my GTi and it made a hell of a difference cleaning it ;)
  14. GTi

    A Few Quick Questions On Bodywork

    the threads you have made have been murged into one and moved here. the newbie section is for hello's and such not really ment for a barrage of questions :) also the search function is a good tool to use ;) ps... welcome to the club! if you join up you'll have FULL access to every...
  15. GTi

    I'm back!

    cant believe i missed this thread, welcome back mate ! figured you go for an Autech since you 'mera was 'almost' a look alike lol :D sadly i'll never get my 'mera back as its now in scrapyard heaven :(
  16. GTi

    Whats this for?

    maybe its for those folding mirrors that the JDM versions had ?
  17. GTi

    random log outs?

    any one else getting randomly logged out ? just sometimes i click a link and i have to log back in again to view the thread / post etc... ?
  18. GTi

    Danger (cornering)

    my GTi was on lowering springs & 18" alloys, it handled better than my Type-R does ! have you checked the rear shocks for any leaks?
  19. GTi

    All new windows will cost...

    tried claiming on the insurance ? usually only costs max £50 excess and you wont loose any no claims bonus :) could always 'acidently' break/crack the glass if scratches are'nt enough ;)
  20. GTi

    Best product for scratch removal/covering

    i think meg's scratch X is pretty good
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