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    hi all fitted some nice new coilovers on my car this weekend but the rear mounts i have a problem with they were too deep for the new strut so had to cut the rubber down on them but for some reason now its creaking on the back when i'm driving lol anybody have any ideas what is to be or way to...
  2. nsr


    Who has the highest mileage almera on here ?
  3. nsr

    anyone from the club going ?

  4. nsr

    what injectors shall i get for my gq18 engine

    if i buy some new bigger injectors for my car what would you recommend ? & would i need to have the ecu played with or can i just put new injectors as i don't want any engine warning light on
  5. nsr

    will there rub

    Hi all I've been given 4 new tryes but they are bigger then the ones I have on there already 195/55/16 but the new ones are 205/60/16 will there rub dose anyone know ?
  6. nsr

    chipping ecu

    thinking of have my n16 1.8 almera chipped dont know if i sould get it done has anyone had theres done & if so how much more power did u get ?
  7. nsr

    silver top black top

    Please can someone tell me the difference between a gq18de silvertop engine to a blacktop engine & I don't just mean the color
  8. nsr

    hello to all

    Hi all I am a new member I have a almera n16 p2 sxe 1.8 & I love The dam thing I had a n16 p2 some years before this one & that one was a 1.5 Se I didn't keep that one long as I sold my Nissan primera gt sr20 for it So found the 1.5 a bit slow I have gone throw some other car makes But found my...
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