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    Was it you?

    (A thread like this is pretty popular in another car club forum I patron, so I thought I'd give it a go here) It's a quiet road somewhere in Coventry. I'm stopped at a red light in my Ice Blue N16. Another Ice Blue N16 approaches me from the opposite direction. The driver gave a big smile...
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    Phew, it's hot today

    At least now I know the display goes up to 43° C! How high has yours gone up to? p/s: I think my display's missing some lines there. I wonder if it's worth replacing with another one?
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    N16 1.5 QG - Interior room lamp not lighting up

    Hello all, Let's liven this forum up a bit, shall we? :D My N16 1.5 QG Almera has a non-working interior room lamp. The lamp does not turn on with the door or by manual switching. I've tried looking at the fuse for it but I don't think anything is wrong there (I think it shares the same fuse...
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    Locking wheel nut key - where to obtain?

    Hello all, Can anybody advise where I can get a locking wheel nut key for my Almera, please?
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    It's pretty quiet here, isn't it?

    Hello everyone, Just acquired a 2004 1.5 SE with 68,000 miles as a runabout. It drives wonderfully light and, coming from a 2-tonne Volvo, refreshing. I'm used to looking for owners forums before making a car purchase; it was the other way this time around. I'm more about maintenance and...
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