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  1. gre

    Roll Bar In N15

    Does anybody has it in n15? how it looks like? can U show me any fotos , please, I want to do such a thing in mine :)
  2. gre

    Fotos Of Ex Maniford In Sr20de !! For Turbo

    CAN ANYBODY HELP ME? I TRYED TO FIND IN INTERNET ANY FOTOS OF SUCH MANIFORD FOR BIG TURBO LIKE T3/T67H.O. I CANNOT FIND ANY, CAN YOU HELP ME? please we dont have muchspace beetwen engine and water cooler , any ideas? fotos ? help
  3. gre

    Strong Axles

    hi i am looking 4 strong axles, for abut 500hp, where to buy it ? how much can it cst? maybe somebody in australia will make it ? thanks 4 help
  4. gre

    pin out for GTI N15

    does anybody has it? please , help me, i cannot find it i need something like this for n14
  5. gre

    new color for my Almera Turbo

    I would like to chage color of my Mera do can You seggest me anything?what color from nissan color index? cn You show me how it looks like, and name BIG THANX
  6. gre

    New look of my Almera Turbo

    How do You like it??
  7. gre

    big brake kit

    Do You know any companies which make kits for almera gti? I think that Tarox 6 will fir my almera, but it cost 1400 pound, is something cheaper? waiting for answers cheers
  8. gre

    blue gti in chesterfield

    spotted today near jbb shop in chesterfield.who is the owner :D
  9. gre

    Carbon hood

    to n15 gti, can I get something like this in G.B.??
  10. gre

    my gti 0-200 KM/H
  11. gre

    Gre from Poland

    Hi there, late but not too late...hope You help me with my mera,in Poland it is not popular car I will visit England on February...
  12. gre

    Almera Turbo From Poland

    nissanclubowners in Poland and my Almera turbo!!
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