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    My N15 5-door GTi Build...

    Sad that so many of them get killed off to rust...I miss my N15. Best car I ever had!
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    My N15 VZR

    Nice build!
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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    craziness! I really like the work gone into this vehicle
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    Almeragt´s SR20VE Almera

    Looks like a beast!
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    N15 Track Car

    yep I loved donington as well; good to see some parts of mine are still going :)
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    N15 Track Car

    nice to see the effort being put into this :)
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    STOLEN 99' Spec Almera GTi

    I hope you find the car and that it is still Ok
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    My new vzr n1 version 2

    is that from the crazy hornet archives?
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    My new vzr n1 version 2

    Crazy info; thanks a lot!
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    My new vzr n1 version 2

    what was the altered rear beam geometry about?
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    Mo's Trop Green GTi

    Looks like it should fit; might be worth looking into getting your stock starter motor refurbished though?
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    My N15 GTi phase1

    yeah pon cams slot straight in, albeit might want to check the fuelling afterwards
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    Sams VZ-R N1

    how do you find them? Im running bluestuffs in the front at the moment but thinking of changing to either ds2500 or cl5+ (although cl5 sound like they give off metallic dust)
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    Sams VZ-R N1

    what pads are you running in this now?
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    For anyone wanting an outer cv joint for an almera gti...

    I thought shaftec were remanufactured? I've done another 4000 miles (so around 12000 total) of fairly harsh driving and mine still seems fine, touch wood
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    off the shelf brake master cylinder to match to FTO front callipers

    Are there any off-the-shelf master cylinders that will link up to the standard hard pipes but are slightly bigger to compensate for the twin pot front fto callipers I have fitted? I have seen other Nissan master cylinders used but am not sure if they will directly bolt to the standard brake pipes
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    Stagea RSFour DAYZ Edition

    cool car!
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    best gear oil for almera gti for road and track use

    sss- i did e-mail them about their oils actually as I use their grease in my wheel bearings as it comes recommended; maybe I will give it a look! Looks like it meets a lot of high standards in motorsport. Rowdy- maybe; the clutch bearing drags a little bit (OEM nissan clutch put in maybe 2...
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    best gear oil for almera gti for road and track use

    I just feel that the motul feels quite notchy most of the time. And when I took it to snetterton, I found that it felt really bad once it got hot too, which is dissapointing since it seems to be a really well rated oil. I didnt know if there were any alternatives that feel good during daily...
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    best gear oil for almera gti for road and track use

    Hello, Have used redline mt-90 and motul gear 300. Am not very impressed with the motul at all and the redline was OK, but wasn't amazed by it. Am wondering if anyone else has used any oils that can be used daily but also can take the heat during track use.
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