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  1. V-SpecII

    New member

    Welcome, more info is needed. to diagnose your problem, just guessing here but the battery terminal straps fray on the N16s so replacing can solve the problem & if its a dci it could be the SCV suction control Valve problem.
  2. V-SpecII

    Noob Owner

    I got a pair for £100 delivered if ya need Depo versions.
  3. V-SpecII

    N16 Forum Resource Links

    Thanks alot for updating Edk, glad to know your still doing something Mera. :) Just out of curiosity what did you update..?
  4. V-SpecII

    N16 DCi-R

    Hey Ed, hope all is well, and work is busy (I think it is as I've seen some pics on GTR with your markings!!) What's the latest with this beast, sorry I know your not on here much just like everybody else lol, if you post DCi-R stuff on insta then please could you send your link. Thanks
  5. V-SpecII

    Anything to look for?

    Wow Nugs quite a write up much respect. x
  6. V-SpecII

    Hello people

    Haha Cool story bro... No really it is. ;) Welcome aboard, missed the boat really, but hey better late than never. :)
  7. V-SpecII

    Hello folks

    Welcome bud, wow 52k that's incredible!!! Just be glad its not a N16 else I would have had it lol. ;)
  8. V-SpecII

    N16 DCi-R

    If your message relates to lack of funds for research/development etc, then I can sell some of these sheds & can hopefully assist you in some way, only thing I did was buy a lousy Navara Injector and posted it out to you, hope that seems fair bud.
  9. V-SpecII

    N16 DCi-R

    NOOO!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Don't say that. :( After so many years of family life, & owning & accumulating one N16 after the next (total being 12, & currently owning 5). When I've finally tried to pave way to try & make time for finally tuning my car... your thinking of calling it a...
  10. V-SpecII

    Hiya, nissan almera tino hurricane 1.8 petrol

    Best advice... don't bother lol. Get a DCi. ;)
  11. V-SpecII

    N16 DCi-R

    Long time bud... hope all is well. My project will hopefully be getting a easy fast forward due to Liam selling up so will be swapping over some bits from his Only got as far as installing a Hybrid 2 Turbo on mine (done 10k on it already lol). Look forward to hearing some updates/progress on...
  12. V-SpecII

    Non sat-nav to sat-nav model, programming?

    Nissan would charge you an arm and a leg, the Sat Nav is a load of crap.... although it has saved me on occasion when my phone dies & car charger fails. :P
  13. V-SpecII

    Temperature Display Incorrect

    Mine is the same, it seems to be intermittent, driving around a few minutes tends to bring it down to correct temp.
  14. V-SpecII

    Idea's to upgrade looks & performance

    Easiest thing would be is to get a DCi, or sr20 if keeping car.
  15. V-SpecII

    M16 Wet Boot Well

    Hey dude, take off your rear lights, re-seal them, that's what I've found in the past. Mine seemed to have done the trick hope yours do 2.
  16. V-SpecII

    N16 DCi-R

    Hey Ed, hope all is well, any new update on the DCi-R..? Just fishing through Ebay and saw these...
  17. V-SpecII

    Witherkay's '05 2.2dci 136 N16

    How much they cost you dude..?? Also what was the spec of your dads passat lol.
  18. V-SpecII

    Aftermarket remote control unit for existing central locking

    Yep pretty much. Welcome by the way. Sorry but don't know the answer I'm afraid.
  19. V-SpecII

    Liam's Derv

    Cool, was just being sarcy... but gota be 1 of the first UK n16 at the ring surly.
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