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  1. Dan Guider

    possible iso adapter for aftermarket head unit in an n16 ph1 and ph2!

    Anyone used this? Maybe able to use aftermarket head unit?
  2. Dan Guider

    My Almera

    I have some almera sxe alloys for sale 70 with tyres
  3. Dan Guider

    N16 SE

    Got a phase 2 sxe breaking if you want any parts :)
  4. Dan Guider

    Syv's N16 2.2 dCi daily-project

    Looks great Gunna be decating mins soon I'm running straight pipe with no mufflers or back box just a Leon styled tip at the min from the cat back
  5. Dan Guider

    Checking in..

    Got any shiny engine bits for an n16 2.2 dci :)
  6. Dan Guider

    N16 QG15 various throtle

    not very familiar with the 1.5 engine at all so i might be talking bollox but does it have an idle control valve? if it does try that.
  7. Dan Guider

    New member from manchester.

    Just a quick hello I am a new member from Manchester Quick spec list of my car (its nothing special) still in progress 2004 N16 Nissan Almera 136 SXE 5 door. (Photos to follow) Modifications to date... -Panel Filter -Hydro dipped engine cover -Quick spray job on the wheels -Forge...
  8. Dan Guider

    N16 crossmember

    If anyone needs an n16 crossmember I have a brand new one sitting in my garage
  9. Dan Guider

    Hi, Me new here, got a problem with a fuel pump...

    i have an 03 2.2 tdi 136 breaking it if you need a fuel pump
  10. Dan Guider

    Newly purchase N16 diesel

    if you need any parts for her let me know i am breaking a grey 5d 136 sxe
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