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  1. Liam

    My N15 5-door GTi Build...

    Was a sad day for sure Woody, but im sure the replacement will he great, if it even gets finished
  2. Liam

    Passenger mirror

    I believe pre and post facelift are the same, there might be some difference in the wiring connector but it should just be a plug and play swap.
  3. Liam

    N16 Stereo Removal

    See the link below for an install guide for your car.
  4. Liam

    Wrong belt length - can someone advise?

    Quickest way would be to snip the old belt in half, then run round all the pulleys with the tensioner set roughly in the middle, mark where it overlaps then remove and measure. Then buy a belt closest to your measurement.
  5. Liam

    Driver's door lock

    Yes had this issue on mine. You need to remove the door card as the rod may have unclipped itself from the back of the handle. Should just be a case of clipping it back on.
  6. Liam


    Unfortunately the rise of groups on facebook killed the forums. Probably have more luck on there.
  7. Liam

    Headlight bulb replacement. (First Car)

    Welcome. Bulbs are an easy job, driver side can be fiddly due to lack of space though. From memory they are H7 bulbs, I would recommend Osram Nightbreaker Plus, much better light output. Open bonnet, locate the caps on the back of the headlights, twist to remove it, unclip plug on the bulb...
  8. Liam

    New member looking for advice on 1997 SRI

    Welcome. It all depends on how rusty it is really, they have a tendancy to rust inside the sills and rear arches which isnt noticable until its too late and if left its very time consuming/costly to repair. Unfortunately they arent really collectable. A clean car with good MOT will probably go...
  9. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Bit of CAD Welded in, hole sawed and part dimple die More holes then paint Little bit more weight saving Windows glued in
  10. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Yeah it fucked my shit right up, old cunts
  11. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Got paid out by the other guys insurance. Was a 90 odd year old bloke, had a bleed on the brain and drifted into my lane.
  12. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Power - Tomei Poncams - XTD Lightweight Flywheel - SoCal Tri-Y Manifold - 2.5" LiamSpec Catback - Walbro 190L/H Fuel Pump - 3" LiamSpec ally intake pipe, Apexi filter, ally heatshield and fog and head light ducts - Mishimoto Alloy Radiator - Greddy Emanage Chassis - Quaife ATB Diff - MeisterR...
  13. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Also changed the rear springs for 7kg/mm. And have finally gussetted the cage to the B pillars. Hole saw will be making an appearance tomorrow to try and shed a few more grams.
  14. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Did another day at Combe once it was repaired. Real hot day with lengthy sessions, rear brakes were getting hot, so it was time for some cooling. Whilst I was working the rear end I thought id do the panhard rod conversion. Pulled the rear quarters and prepped ready for...
  15. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    Slightly raised ally floor Headlight duct After this I went to anglesey. Trailed on the replacement trailer for the one that was too small. On the way home things didnt go well... tow car and trailer written off. Bent up the rear beam on the N15 aswell Replacement beam and link...
  16. Liam

    N15 Track Car

    So it has been a while, quite a few changes, pic heavy, not all in order. Front brake cooling ducts Bought a trailer, was too small Exhaust was blowing along the seam on the back box, made a new one Modified tha manifold so it didnt hang so low Back to the exhaust
  17. Liam

    Front lower cross member help

    It is a fairly big job. Id imagine somewhere around 5-6 hours labour if you are getting a garage to do it. As for parts, the Almera is different to the Tino so you need the Tino specific part, however im not entirely sure where you would find one, have a try googling it.
  18. Liam

    N16 Coilovers
  19. Liam

    N16 Coilovers

    BC Racing are the only reputable brand that still stock N16 coilovers.
  20. Liam

    Almera gti

    They are quite few and far between nowadays. And the chances of finding a clean one are even more slim. Keep an eye on eBay and Gumtree, aswell as the Almera owners facebook page.
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