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  1. GTi kurt

    Dave Bull

    Were you raped as a child in your uncles BMW or something? There must be a genuine reason other than jealousy, for your relentless bashing of them.
  2. GTi kurt

    Dave Bull

    Half Renault
  3. GTi kurt

    N14 vs N15

    If I was getting back into track days, it would have to be RWD. Just so much more fun when pushing it.
  4. GTi kurt

    Ron Burgundy: S14 200sx

    S14 looks good. MX5 neeeeeeeds crushing and killing forever. So many bad modifications in that one little car.
  5. GTi kurt

    Engine Bay Thread

    A battery and a starter motor. No intention of modifying it. Although I'd be intrigued to see what it would be like stripped to death, on coilovers and on a track. But M3s are getting so cheap....there's no point!
  6. GTi kurt

    Engine Bay Thread

  7. GTi kurt

    Oil Filter removal

    Go to a local garage in a short skirt and low cut top, sure they'll be happy to help a damsel in distress!
  8. GTi kurt

    G's Vzr N1

    What an incredible looking car!
  9. GTi kurt

    Headlight Set Up - Help required

    Climbs on a roof to fix an aerial. Drives an automatic N16 :/
  10. GTi kurt

    sr20det k11 4wd

    Not a bad way to spend 100,000 dollars....
  11. GTi kurt

    sr20det k11 4wd

    How much does a 1300hp GTR cost to do?
  12. GTi kurt

    N14 SR20 Hillclimb car

    Looks great is it road legal? And would a VE head put you into a different class?
  13. GTi kurt

    A little something to keep me busy

    Keep it standard looking and LS1 it.
  14. GTi kurt

    brake system...

    When I was going to do this I bought a 50/50 bias valve off a US civic. Probably deadly on the road but would be great for track.
  15. GTi kurt

    Sams VZ-R N1

    Bet you had loads of outdoor sexy time! Car is incredible.
  16. GTi kurt

    Best Almera, PERIOD

    Also, I'm too JDM for UK S-chassis' ;)
  17. GTi kurt

    Best Almera, PERIOD

    I can guess. Rotas Fake nardi Scene gear knob Big gay exhaust Recirc Etc etc etc
  18. GTi kurt

    Almera GTi modded with 4WD and Turbo Engine?

    Or 'those' people who build a Saturn 5 rocket in their shed....but get all bat shit crazy when 'forum geeks' ask for pictures and details. Because they are serial bullshitters, living in an imaginary dreamworld.
  19. GTi kurt

    Almera GTi modded with 4WD and Turbo Engine?

    I know a lad that done a full Audi tt engine and 4wd system into a mk2 golf, about 6 years ago. It was a massive job done mostly by his genius engineer dad.
  20. GTi kurt

    N15 aux belts replacement - help

    Cut it off. Lube it back on. Then clean/dry it.
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