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    Nissan Almera N16 CD reader converting to bluetooth

    Now i don't have a picture but on the other side of the 12 pin connector on the right that was not in use , and on which the cd changer are to be connected you have the following pins chg-L+ chg-L- chg-R+ chg-R- GND GND H/U-CHG CHG-H/U REQ and NC NC but I have to take a picture I will edit...
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    Nissan Almera N16 CD reader converting to bluetooth

    Hi guys so I am trying lately to fit a bluetooth module to the CD/ audio unit of my Almera N16 of 2004. However it isn't as easy as i thought, I would like to avoid buying a cd changer like this...
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    Replacing Stereo

    Yeah i saw the same video thank you for sharing JT101 I might do that if i don't find another solution for my nissan
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    cd unit

    If you mean to connect a bluetooth module on the old cd reader i am currently trying to do that otherwise you can change it all for a new one it only requires to adapt the wiring to the din sockets , but i don't personaly want to that because it means having a misfitted audio unit with gaps on...
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    Almera 2005 1.6 heater

    Hum are you sure they don't mean the amplifier of your motor ? on the N16 it on the right of your gaz pedal for Left hand driver so if you are right hand driver probably next to the clutch as Stephen said . It is a huge transistor to command the power to your motor that is scrwed on a heatsink...
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    NATS ant-theft system

    Hi guys on what model do you have this ? is it a N16 ? N15 ? I never got this on mine but i can send u the service manual if you want of the N16
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    Tim's Nissan Almera N15 1.4 Lagoon

    Congratulation to you and welcome on board ^^ !
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    Nissan Almera N16 1.5 dCi diesel K9K

    Hi guys, I'm from France, my Nissan and I we did quite a bit of km but still together. It was a present of my father, and for a period of time she suffered extended parking because of some health issu that i had. But since 3 years I m well again and I methodically repair everything I can on it...
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