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    Almera 1.5 2000 Juddering when Idle and accelerating

    erm, you need to like push the green button in, as well as the like button as well i did mine with a screw driver and just wiggled it and it eventually came out, it is really difficult to do i had to work at it for quite a while
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    Vehicle recall

    this is interesting, ive not had a letter as of yet but my VIN is also SJNFAAN only time will tell i guess
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    Almera 1.5 2000 Juddering when Idle and accelerating

    P0171 is the fault code I had with my 1.5, I changed both lambda sensors and the MAF sensor If I remember correctly the MAF does flag up this and it can also flag up P0172 code if its not working correctly everytime ive had a fault code like that ive changed MAF's and its gone away (4 times...
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    Polishing bodywork

    ive always used the meguires clay bars they are good, im quite lucky in the fact ive got a machine polisher and a full detail kit but if you don't have access to one you can get results even with just a clay bar and a restore polish and a finishing polish
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    EGR valve

    Hi guys, friend of mine was telling me today to blank off my EGR valve been reading on some of the forums, about it people saying they just leave the housing on put a blanking plate on and leave it plugged in, but ofc this will flag an engine warning light up or would it flag up an engine...
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    lowering advice?

    ive had my n16 on oem shocks for 2 years on apex springs 35mm drop and had no problems at all either
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    well under my engine bay, ive got the rocker cover painted blue and also my connectors are blue as well, will have to try photoshop and see how it turns out, will post a picture later
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    was thinking a fairly dark metallic blue, and prob change the front fog tints to blue aswell, or would that just be magnet to cops if i had the fogs with a blue tint on them will have a play on photoshop tomorrow when i have a bit more time
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    i already have front fogs and got a black tinting film on them only thing is i really don't like yellow my rear lights are also tinted with the darkest fly-eyes black aswell
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    Syv's N16 2.2 dCi daily-project

    i love what you have done to the door card inserts, is that just a blue felt?
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    paint or vinyl....

    as long as you heat it up properly its not hard to do it yourself tbh, i did my mates bonnet in carbon wrap not long ago and wasn't that hard if i'm honest
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    Seebeebee's P1 N16

    colour coding it deffo looks different and i think it looks quite good, id go with that option :)
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    Fog light conversion woes

    wouldn't worry too much about it, i made exactly the same mistake when i did mine :)
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    black gti

    saw a black GTI spotted in grantham lincolnshire this morning had aoc sticker on the rear quater window looked standard and very clean
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    might look at the idea of the anodised purple but with either shadow chrome or gunmetal, even though it is eating into the skyline fund but my alloys are a real state so they need doing :(
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    nah gold wheels and silver car deffo a no no for me especially being a light silver aswell, but yours was grey ed and your new one is black :P totally different colours
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    Rota Slipstream Referb and re-colour suggestions

    not doing gold, not a fan and i believe gold wheels belong on a subaru and would look terrible on a silver car
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    2002-2006 Headlights

    trust me the pot holes around my area are bad, i still drive around and im lowered 35mm all around, i just avoid them where possible and safe to do so ofc, and i have a splitter on the front which lowers it quite a bit more than the standard bumper
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