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    Mutes N15 SSS

    Ok it's been awhile since i updated this so here is a run down on whats been happening.. About 6 months ago my girlfriend was driving the Pulsar and she slipped off the break pedal and slammed into the car in front.. Not exactly happy about that.. Work declined for me over this time so i...
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    Hi there

    thanks all, good to be back :) thanks for digging up my old threads, i will have to update the n15 thread as its gone through a make over since then ;)
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    Hi there

    Hello all, i signed up here not long before the forum went down awhile ago and once it was back up my membership and all posts vanished.. No matter I'm back. I'm Adam from Sydney, Australia and I own a Phase 1 N15 Pulsar SSS. It's my second pulsar as i had a N14 Pulsar (Sunny) SSS before the...
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    Members Rides Before and After Photos

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