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    How To: Airbag Reset

    Almera 1.4 SVE 2004. After starting the engine for the first time in two weeks the airbag dash light was flashing and the centre display showed this message; AIRBAG A malfunction may have occurred to the airbag or pretensioner system. Go to a Nissan dealer immediately for the system to be...
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    N16 09/2006 No Start No Crack

    When you managed to get it started after 1.5 hours of trying what did you do differently to make it start? Was it started by the battery and starter motor or bump started? You've measured a voltage drop at the battery when trying to start. Something is consuming power. I would query the starter...
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    How can I change the cigar lighter from ACC to permanent live?

    After four days having not used the car and with continuous solar trickle charging, I disconnected the solar trickle charger to measure the battery voltage. Immediately after disconnecting the solar trickle charger 13.50 volts. 'Resting voltage' measured one hour after disconnecting the solar...
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    How can I change the cigar lighter from ACC to permanent live?

    Of all the relays in the Almera, the accessories relay is one of the three most difficult to access. It is located on the rear of the passenger compartment fuse box with two other ignition related relays. Some dismantling of the facia panels is required and the fuse box to be removed for access...
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    How can I change the cigar lighter from ACC to permanent live?

    My Haynes manual shows the +ve connection for the cigar lighter comes from fuse 22 and before that the accessories relay which is activated by the ignition key being in the ACC position. With the key at ACC fuse 1 is also set to live. This fuse is for electric mirrors, audio, navigation system...
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    How can I change the cigar lighter from ACC to permanent live?

    What options do I have to be able to change the cigar lighter to permanently live? I've bought a solar trickle charger to keep the battery topped up. I was expecting to plug it in to the cigar lighter but it's wired as an accessory and not permanently live so when keys are not in and turned to...
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    Car battery change

    I disconnect my battery -ve lead from the terminal to prevent the battery going flat after I've used the car which is about once a week. My radio doesn't need the code entered to work again. It's built into the dash/console. Model is Almera N16 2004 SVE. I do have a card with the radio code on...
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    Water leak in boot N16 hatch 2000

    I had the same problem, water in the boot entering from the offside when it rained. I removed the boot lining and used paper towels to find out where it ws coming from. The rooftop drain channels were the problem. Cleaning away the debris revealed an entry point for the water. The fix was...
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    New member introduction

    Hi all, First post, new member. I've been reading a few threads on here over the years and thought that I should join in. I have inherited a 2004 Almera N16 SVE and although it's very reliable it does need the odd bit of attention. I've found a few things along the way and occasionally needed...
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