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  1. Andy Sunny Gti

    Gtir T28 turbo gasket set required

    Gtir T28 turbo gasket set required As above, or can anyone throw a good link up. Really want all the gaskets for the turbo, elbow, downpipe etc.. One which includes the mainfold gasket would be a bonus. Or should I just buy them all separately, as there's loads of choices on Ebay. Thanks in advance.
  2. Andy Sunny Gti

    Gtir turbo oil water fitting lines/ t piece for Sr20ve + t

    Hi guys/ girls. Now I have been forced into getting this turbo converion done as I can't move the car. Reason being a guy offered to buy my whole exhaust system off the sr20ve I had. Since I was going turbo and for £250 I though why not. So off they came. Now a lot of people say search, I...
  3. Andy Sunny Gti

    SR20VE + T Blog (picture heavy thread)

    1. Okay as some of you know I have decided to go ahead and turbo my Nissan Sunny 2.0 Gti. A few years ago it was a standard SR20DE highport 143 bhp engine. This was not enough for me after having many turbo'd cars in the past. Anyway I imported an SR20VE engine fitted and mapped to 196bhp. Ran...
  4. Andy Sunny Gti

    Oil Filter removal

    On the SR20VE engine it's in a bitch of a place. So the only way I can reach it is to jack car up and twist from underneath. Now just want to find out if it's me, and am I twisting the right way. From looking at it upside down which way do i twist? It's just not budging with my hands to come...
  5. Andy Sunny Gti

    Sr20ve/ Sr20de- Port matching for Gtir Manifold

    Can someone please clear this up. I have been told i need to port match the gti-r mainfold to fit on my sr20ve when doing the turbo conversion. However this guy has done a turbo conversion using a gti-r mainfold on his Nissan sunny gti sr20de. Quick Spec: Stock unmodified EUDM 10:1...
  6. Andy Sunny Gti

    VVL head remove and swap with?

    Just thinking if I removed my vvl head what head can just be replaced to go straight on? Is it as easy as say, dropping an Almera Gti head on it? I know cam covers can fit, but are the head bolts and fitament different? I know the vvl head on a Gtir needs machining to fit, but what about high/...
  7. Andy Sunny Gti

    SR20VE +T

    Thinking of doing it, but need ideas.
  8. Andy Sunny Gti

    updates on the n14 vvl/ nos/ lsd project

    Before you read this just want to appoligise for some of the comments and actions you have seen from me on this forum. Just love my Nissans and very passionate, which sometimes leads me going into other topics... So sorry.... Anyway back to the build.... BIG SET BACK AS THE CAR...
  9. Andy Sunny Gti

    My Nissan Sunny Gti Build-Facebook page

    Hi guys, I am now going to take my Sunny Gti to the next stage, haven't done anything on it for a few months, so if you want to follow the build of the ultimate Nissan Sunny Gti. Add me on your facebook. You should find me under the name... Andrew's Nissan Sunny Gti The plan...
  10. Andy Sunny Gti

    sr20ve or not.

    Guys and girls. If I plan to nos my car is it really worth dropping the sr20ve inside as well? Am I really going to be blown away. I don't think so.:rasp: A nos'd sr20de tunned upto 160bhp-ish with 75-100bhp nos will be more than enough right???:D 250bhp on tap simple. Or put it this...
  11. Andy Sunny Gti

    SR20DE LSD/ Phanthom Grip etc...

    SR20DE LSD aftermarket Anyone using these? Links Pictures please. nismo phantom grip aftermarket lsd quaffie diff
  12. Andy Sunny Gti

    Driveshaft N14 Sunny gti, what Almera one fits

    Hi people, as above. What year model Almera Gti if any will the driveshaft fit passenegr side onto my N14 Nissan Sunny Gti Fwd SR20de.1994 Thanks, if so any links for one for sale?
  13. Andy Sunny Gti

    New Guy here

    :D:DHello all. Just looking about to see what else I can improve on my sr20de N14 Sunny Gti, as I believe it shares may parts with the younger brother and your Almera Gti's Is there a link to the most pwerful n/a sr20de? I am having mine at around 170bhp then take it to around 220bhp...
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