1998 Almera Si

few pics of my latest offering....



fitted the wheels off the micra, got my 5Zigen backbox fitted and yes i know it needs lowering.....



and lastly, apparently a rare GTi grill, but de badged due to the fact its not a GTi.....


done this in 2 days of ownership :D
Good effort, looks live a very straight one. Get some springs on there and some clear repeaters and then the rest is up to you.
wiper mod! wiper mod!


looks like a nice car.
how come mine is one of the only Si's i've seen with fog lights?

i quite like that grille too, different from the jdm and vz-r grilles :)
De-globe the front indicators as well.

Looks good, but is it me, or do those wheels just look odd on that car? :confused:
looks nice, will look 10 times better once lowered though, mines only been lowered a day and iv already forgot just how high the standard car is :lol:

deglobed, lowered, colour coded mirrors and clear indicators and it will look great
Nice work mate, but I agree with Almera guy, those wheels look a bit small.

Are they 15's?

Grill looks smart, aint seen one like that before. Exhaust looks nice too


smart si mate, have a bash at de-badgeing it aswel it'll look smooth, but i love the motor mate, nice car
function not form!!! colour coding and clear indicators dont really bother me with the almera, but cheers for the replys.....

i have a set of 195/55/15s to go on, as the 45's look like rubber bands. the wheels are enkei RP-01's and came off my micra. lowering will be coming soon, -40mm spax i reckon, but i need front shock/top monts to go on at the same time, as there knocking like a bitch....
still needs lowering but.....

ok, busy day. cheers to spyke and chrism.

-changed tyres to 195/55/15s
-full service
-fitted k&n panel filter
-'modified' intake








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