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Airbag recall 2017

Discussion in 'Useful Information' started by muso, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. muso


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    Just to let owners of N16 Almera's know I had a recall notice for a faulty passenger airbag on 22/12/17 for a 2005 N16 SE model, and its a different one to the 2015 recall - this is for the mounting part that can explode on airbag deployment (not degredation of the airbag powder as in 2015 recall) - rang Nissan on 22./12/17 and booked it in for 03/01/18 as instructed and arrived at Nissan dealership today who said they had no knowledge or record of my appointment despite ringing them directly and that they didnt have the parts anyway - 2 weeks to order and arrive from Holland:mad: - I was advised that the car was safe to drive - I pointed out this was so only until someone hit it - the notices are being staggered so all the cars don't turn up at the same time - poor show from Nissan. My car is not as well made as my 2000 N16 model - poor plastics, skimpy carpets, poor fit and finish - the only saving grace is it goes faster.:mad::mad:
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