Almera Hatchback 2005 license plate light bulb sockets

Hello partners. I am looking for the two light bulb sockets for the license plate number light of the Almera Hatchback (N16) from 2005, preferably if they were LED. I have looked at several junkyards and they don't have them. I see on the Internet some scrapyard that had them but they were old, in very bad condition and they charged for them a price between six and eight times more than the new ones from other brands/models which already integrate LED panels.

Original part number is 26510BM400

I have tried to try to adapt some of the other models. I bought the Qashqai ones on Aliexpress, but they turned out to be much smaller, so they don't fit the Almera.

Do you know where to get them, or if they can be adapted from another make / model?

Thanks in advance. Best regards
I created this, and 3D printed them:
Not perfect, but working.
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