Almera/N15 Body Repair Manual

I thought I'd post this back up as it disappeared some time ago. It's a file sharing account that belongs to me but can be used by members providing they treat it with respect. If there is any attempt to change the acoutn settings it will be shut down immediately.

Account name: aocreference
Password: repairmanual

Click on the yellow button to take you to the dashboard and you'll find both parts of the manual in the 'Files' Section.

*EDIT* This is the free version of the account so it has limited bandwidth per day. If you can't download or view the file then you may have to come back at a later date to do it. Unless the club wants to sponsor it or someone uploads it somewhere else of coarse.
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You hardly have a n16 repair manual?

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Do I have one? No mate sorry. They went digital after 2001 I think and they copyrighted the files so you can't share or save them. I've only got a digital copy of this as I scanned in my hard copy and created a PDF. Hopefully prove useful for some people.
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