almera tino rear wheel bearings

anyone know if the tino's rear wheel bearings are the same as a normal almera, or are they the same as the primera? (been 5 stud hubs normal almera are 4stud hubs )

No where seems to list rear wheel bearings for a tino, nissan main steeler will... but will be expensive
Cheers. Checked the part on nissan4u *Nut-lock, rear wheel bearing, 432624M400* is part listed. when i click on that it brings up most nissans made from 1994 onwards for part usage. Not used that site before
Update on this. Sold as hub only from nissan. Cost is both your legs and 320quid PLUS Vat.

Only one i can find on the internet is the one in the ebay link. which will be getting ordered i think
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