Almera Tino satnav...

hey i have little problem...
few months ago i bought tino and guy who was selling it told me that it is possible to install in it polish map but i have no idea how to do it :S was looking on few forums but found nothing... i have no idea where could be dvd player or even how it looks... so can someone help me? i add picture of screen/cd player

ps if its possible could you tell me what map should i install etc?
Navteq is the company that make these systems.

It won't be cheap to buy an update disc. I would say try Ebay but it's a bit trial and error with these are there are so many varients out there.
The menu on the left is for selecting the right car, but the Almera and Almera Tino is not on there so you'll probably have to contact them. Expect to pay £70+ with postage on top.
You should have a DVD drive under the CD player, or in the Tino it might be under the seat.
They do National maps. So you'd be able to buy a map for Poland. Or you could pay more and buy one for Europe.
You're sure you do actually have SatNav in your car?? (and no, it wont work in your CD player, maps are DVD-ROMs).
Without ever having seen the inside of a tino I'm afraid I cant help then. Go to a Nissan dealer and ask them where to find the DVD navigation drive. Good luck.
Did you find out the location of the DVD drive? I can't find anything in mine, but the car defo has sat nav.
If it's a UK-spec TIno it's under the front passenger seat. But don't go looking for anything that resembles a DVD player, like in a Primera for example. The DVD drive is actually under the floor(!) and you access it via a sliding grey cover. Strange I know, but that's where it is. Came across mine by accident.
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