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SPECIFICATIONS (As of August 09)

GA16DE (fully rebuilt August 09)
Stock Genuine Nissan Head Gasket and Head Bolts
76mm YCP Vitara Pistons (gives approx 8:1/8.5:1CR)
ARP Rod Bolts
Protech Turbo Manifold
Garrett GT22-52 Turbocharger
JWT S1 Turbo Cams
SR20DE GTi Throttle Body (60mm)
Blitz Steel Mesh Cone Air Filter
Baileys BOV
2.5” Intercooler Pipe work and Front Mounted Intercooler
S14 200sx 370cc injectors
S15 200SX Fuel Pump
Nismo FPR
Remapped Nissan Micra K11 ECU (Fusion Motorsport)
3" Stainless Steel turbo elbow
2.5" Stainless Steel Exhaust
Fuchs Silkolene Pro 10w-50 Engine Oil
Prothane mount inserts and solid Alloy front engine mount

Large FMIC
Large twin core Alloy Radiator (35mm thick)
12" Slimline rad fan

15” Wolfrace Sumo Alloys with 195/45/15 Nankang Ditch finder Tyres
BC Coilovers (8/6kg)

1999 GA14DE gearbox
Slick50 gearbox treatment
Stage 3 XTD 6 Puck Clutch
GA16DE Fidanza Flywheel

GTi Disks and Calipers
OEM Rear Drums and shoes
DOT 4 Fluid

OMP Steering wheel and Boss Kit
Dash Mounted TIM Boost gauge
ProSport Wideband AFR Kit
Sparco Carbon Pedals
Partially stripped interior

VZR Front Grille
Modified Ph1 Bumper to suit FMIC intercooler.



Very tidy mate. Wolfrace Sumo's i believe are your choice of wheel?? Clear side repeaters next i reckon, then maybe some sort of front splitter. Keep up the good work.
looks nice mate, do the rear wiper mod, deglobe the indicators, colour code the door handles and the mirrors and it should set the car off nicely!!
very nice :)
I like the white with colour coded bumpers, i've only ever seen a white one with black bumpers before, allbeit an equation.

I just bought myself an Si yesterday, i'll get some pics up when i collect it next wednesday, i'm thinking about putting it back to standard the now (it's lowered with wheels and tints) just to keep the insurance down a bit.
Yeah Wolfrace sumo's i think, they came with centre caps but i prefer the look without them. Just wish the wheels were a bit wider though.

The mods you guys have mentioned are all good ideas and i think i'll probly do them at some point. for the time being im going to concentrate on the engine.
looks really nice mate, im not really keen on visual mods either (although the subtle ones mentioned by everyone are good suggestions) but i think some simple sideskirts would make it look a lot nicer, have you got a pic of your engine bay?
Wider track? Admittedly my mera needs 10/15mm spacers on the rear to fill the arch better but that means fitting extended studs, which i cant do at the moment!
Ohhh, i was under the impression he meant physically wider tyres :O to give more grip and stuff.
K33 ELV said:
Ohhh, i was under the impression he meant physically wider tyres :O to give more grip and stuff.
I think he was, we read it the same but ive been deliberating about this for a while so it was the 1st thing that came to mind.
K33 ELV said:
but i think some simple sideskirts would make it look a lot nicer
The skirts! The skirts! You buy! You buy! :cool:
Phase 1 splitters look cool even without the rest of the kit! Less than £100 delivered too!
Wow! those wheels look the business. Really nice car!!
I say get some P2 front lights, the rears look ok as they are and maybe colour code the door handles...
its got 5mm spacers on the back , i meant wider wheels though instead of a wider stance. I haven't got any pics of the engine bay at the moment.

i might buy a front splitter at some point,they do look nice, i aint after one at the moment tho.
love white almeras, seems to make the lines sleaker and it makes the rear end look better imo

would keep the bumpers as they are with maybe a phase 2 sri splitter if i was you, i think the bodykit can look a bit too much in some colours and it just looks so good without it. its looking very nice now but with clear indicators and a few other little bits it will stand out even more
anyone know why i cant add a picture to this thread? when i press the attachment button it just makes a strange noise...thanks
I think it's disabled mate coz it was using up too much bandwidth, just host the pic on photobucket and paste the url with [ img] url [/ img] round it (without the spaces)
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